Buy Toyota Gr And Gr Sport Given Gr Issho Mascot

There are many reasons to own a new Toyota GR Supra or GT Yaris new but if you buy at you will also get an extremely lovely toy name named GR ISSHO.0: 00/1: 01 namgr domain Issho is a small mascot and a companion that Toyota has created for those who buy GR and GR Sport cars on their journeys. In Japanese, ISSHO means "Together" and this toy has a medium-sized cup or on the sub-seat. Small toy named GR ISSHO. Customers will receive a GR ISSHO in a gift box When handing over the car with a letter attached to the history of Toyota's sports car and the development of this car

. Gift will be attached to GR and GR SPORT, DO models Those customers who own Supra or GR Yaris as well as CH-R Sport and Corolla GR SPORT will receive this gift. The ISSHO recipients are also encouraged to share photos, stories about journeys His on the media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook./
Photos of GR ISSHO: CTV Anh Quan / VOV.VN by Carscoops

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