Buying A Leg Meat About Do Not Boil, Processing This Way Ensures Every Day Craving, Because Of Delicious ‘melancholy’

Traditionally housewives still accustomed to buy meat pork leg on the boil, but the way of meat, pork leg below - which is the specialty food once can not forget of Ninh Binh, make flesh pork leg into a dish eat forever chan.Tu needs cuisine weekends, or entertain housewives would love bloom toxic food, strange. And soup pork leg in style specialty of Ninh Binh making very simple, but full convergence 5 spicy, bitter, sweet, fleshy, bitter into delicacies "forgotten grief", the culinary appeal and many want to enjoy the CHAO thuc.Dac simplify pork leg. Illustrations hoa

.Neu not had a chance to land in Ninh Binh, please learn how to make specialty pork leg CHAO Ninh Binh by the following formula: Raw pork leg lieuThit: 600gRieng: 160gMe: 30gSa: 6 tepKhe sour: 6 quaLa lemon , nail shrine leaves, fig leaf, herbs, spices, banana ..
Garlic, lemon, chili, pork sausage in viCach lamChan thui bring gold, preferably thui straw, without straw are now one or thui by torch, dry wood ... finishing rinse, scrape off the black spot due thui too tay.Rieng preliminary processing, then growing nat.Khe chopped washed, peeled edges sliced roasted aromatic mong.Me, to nguoi.La nail shrine, fig leaf, herbs processing, washed in brine for a moment and take out, sprinkling water, to rao.La small julienne lemon. Chopped chilli, chopped finely
Banana production CHAO nhuyen.Dac cut pork leg served with spicy sauce, or the sauce were delicious. Illustrations hoa.- North pan on stove, pork leg meat prepared on the pan clean with a few slices of galangal, lemongrass lining at the bottom (sautéed pork leg makes crust with good color, fragrant stimuli ). About 15-20 minutes, then yellowing dark meat, fragrant smell galangal, lemongrass, then north xuong.Gap meat to cool and then cut thin slices, put in the next slot au.Do thinly sliced (or grated green mango fibers) General massage to meat soaked in sour retired from khe.Cho galangal, chili prepared in European meat, tasting of roasted sesame sprinkled with just an.Cuoi (roasted sesame seeds), at lemongrass, lime leaves and mix well chopped, then displayed on the bonus disc for all this thuc.Mon food with herbs, fig leaf, leaf nail lentils, herbs, banana / banana sauce cup xanh.Nuoc dots used to feel bitter taste great gio.Hoac foot from the sauce soup with fig leaf for flavor also dishes more wine an.Neu Kim Son is very affordable. Those who do not drink alcohol, it is also very delicious sip. Pork leg soup combines 5 spicy, bitter, sweet, fleshy, bitter. Scents from lemongrass, galangal combine with the sweetness of the meat, spicy peppers, sour star fruit, lime leaves bitter, Bui of Sesame (sesame) makes one eat once also can not forget the delicious pork leg duoc.Dia CHAO eye-catching colors, appealing to anyone smelling fragrant smell also want to eat right. Putting pieces CHAO soft in the mouth fragrant smell of lemon leaves, lemon grass, galangal, sour star fruit / mango, fleshy of herbs forms a secondary flavor indescribable, eat more, eat without seeing sick, the family will enjoy tieu.Nhieu delicious specialties CHAO this pork leg, by making simple, easy to eat, easy to find ingredients, just a little ingenuity spice tasting success.

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