Buying Rice With Vnd 50,000, Costs 44,000 Vnd To Ship In Ho Chi Minh City

Many people are still afraid to put food brought back because few goods are open, do not find shipper, high delivery fee of 00: 00/3: 57 namsau when or believe in Ho Chi Minh City to allow eating restaurants to open doors Back in the form of sale, Yen Nhi (26 years old, living in Thu Duc city) thought immediately to order a series of favorite dishes such as noodle vermicelli, vermicelli, rice plate, bean vermicelli, milk tea .. . Many people complain because ship fees on applications are too high. September 12, she opened all 3 apps to buy food on the phone to find familiarians often put near home

. However, only two shops in the open area. Bun Bo Cow is about 2 km from the house but put more than 1 hour without a driver who receives a single. Also, the rice shop is 6 km away from the delivery fee of the food price
"In the end, I lost nearly 100,000 VND for a box of egg ribs, in which money was VND 50,000, the ship was 44,000 VND" , Children who talk to Zing. Ship are higher than food prices from September 8, Ho Chi Minh City allowing the type of catering services to operate from 6:00 to 18 hours daily in the form of selling goods. Business Department operates under the method "3 in place", only business organizations through online ordering; Delivery people are units providing goods forwarding services with technology applications (Shipper) to ensure room safety and control measures. In recent days, demand for ordering increases but numbers The amount of shipper is limited, many shops have not opened again because they are difficult to stare. So the buyer does not have many options on the app delivery app and must accept the ship to pay 2-3 times higher than before If you buy an external food. Order the order increases, but the number of shipper is limited. With the page you (23 years old, living in Binh Thanh district), 2-3 surfing apps for food delivery for a while becoming a new habit Her last 3 days. When listening to the shop sold, she excitedly thought it was possible to put favorite snacks and continue at home to avoid translation. But she was disappointed because many eateries on the online platform still didn't work again. "I don't mind just ordering in the county, but around the area I live with little goods too
Change 2-3 continuous applications that still don't see cafes, milk tea, easy snacks, "she said. He chooses on food delivery apps, the page he went to some groups on social networks , Find personal sellers to order. Although the ship costs are quite high, ranging from 40,000-50,000 VND in the county, she still accepts order to meet the craving. "I just hope the translation is more stable, the goods are open, shipper safe operation For more choices ". Put single 4 times but not confirmed to apply the" Confirm order "button, Nguyen Thanh Phat (22 years old, residing in Binh Thanh district) suspense to monitor the order status. Having just seen the image of the driver appearing on the app, he breathed in relief. Sharing with Zing, Thanh Phat said it was a rare successful order since Ho Chi Minh City allowed the shop to sell. The shop is open to the client, so customers have not had many choices on the APP for food. "I think you can buy snacks, milk tea every day, but it is difficult to order again! Despite receiving the application, the shops often have to cancel after 10-15 minutes of waiting for no shipper. There are days I try to put 4 times without any applications, "he said. The Phat is in addition to finding more than finding a delivery person, the current ship fee is also much higher than usual. With this order, you have to pay 34,000 VND to ship, while the amount of food to buy food is only about VND 40,000. "I understand that disease is difficult, scarce shipper so delivery costs will be higher than usual. Due to ordering through the app, I also use a few losers to save a little ", Thanh Phat said. Some restaurants are guests reflecting poor quality. However, there are cases to order into Public, but the quality of the dish is not guaranteed. On September 11, Ngo H. (28 years old, living in Thu Duc City) puts 2 dry pho rates from a restaurant and ward through the delivery app. It must wait for nearly an hour to receive dishes, H. again Seeing dissatisfied when the taste of the dish is bad, a strange smell. "I'm really disappointed to get such quality feeding. I have to pour 2 bowl of pho and messaging complaints with the restaurant. The restaurant also apologizes, promising to check the quality of the imported material. "H. Suggest that it may be due to difficulties in entering and transporting raw materials so the business in many shops cannot operate often. However, he hopes that goods owners will pay more attention to the stages of returning business. Office - Le Vyh: NVCC

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