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'Our workload is very large when Covid-19 patients at the active revocation of severe movements', Nursing Nguyen Dinh Huong Share.0: 00/5: 25 South "Children's Day Born, maybe I don't come back to hug your baby into your lap. But because of the mission, I have to finish and take a sadness to the side. Later, I will tell me to hear your epidemic stories ". Nursing Nguyen Dinh Huong, Faculty of positive resuscitation, Central tropical disease hospital, Sharing after the end of the shift 10 hours at the hospital 30/4 of the Ministry of Public Security (Ho Chi Minh City)

. New 2 weeks ago, the face instead of sweaty sweat, protective clothing, being close to the wife's belly, settled Listen to each child heart rhythm. Have a habit of talking very with me before going to bed. At this point, the only thing he could do was open the phone, call his wife to send a smile: "You're fine, you and your children at home try to preserve"
16h lunch, 22h dinner 8/7 , responding to the call of the Minister of Health before the situation of Covid-19 translation in Ho Chi Minh City, nursing enjoying the same 15 medical staff under the Central Tropical Hospital concentrated in the main hall before boarding, Go to Noi Bai airport to support the treatment of patients with SARS-COV-2 infection here. The nursing day enjoys the union of the Central Tropical Hospital on the way to Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: BVCC. Nearly 2 weeks passed, he gradually became familiar with the work at the hospital 30/4 of the Ministry of Public Security. Today, Nam Nursing began to take a shift at 6pm. After handing over with CA in advance and receiving patients, he measured in turn, checking survival signs for patients. Unlike common positive recovery patients, this job with Covid-19 cases may be repeated every 30 minutes to ensure monitoring of changes in diseases. Continue to do medicine, support patients to eat and personalize them. Instead of the end of the CA after 8 hours as usual, he tried to complete the work of being unfinished and only really rested after 10 hours. "Depending on the day and the number of patients, the working time has a working time may increase to 9-10 hours / shift
Our workload is very large when Covid-19 patients at a positive reinforcement have severe movements. The health status of patients also changes continuously, "the nursing is enjoyed. The nurse enjoys the case in the hospital 30/4 of the Ministry of Public Security (Ho Chi Minh City). Photo: NVCC.The Anh, Covid-19 patients must breathe the machine that require nursing to do a lot of operations such as hygiene, smoking sputum ... different from common diseases, Covid-19 patients without The supported person while the medical staff force is relatively thin. This nursing said there are many days, he usually begins lunch at 16:00 and dinner when the clock has just paid 22h, legs, hands and hunger . However, he just smiled and asserted "gradually becoming familiar". "The big workload made me and colleagues tired. Protective suits are stuffy and essential. The plus is a feeling of being away from home, remembering the family, his wife, children are not pleasant. We have never paid attention to the day, only feeling the time from far away from home seems to be quite long, "this nursing is confided. However, he enjoys with other medical staff. The whole country is working together to prevent epidemic, these difficulties must be overcome. They realize themselves to put their jobs at the beginning. The house, his wife is pregnant after 3 years of late, the couple regularly call each other.Nam nursing the mind: "Make a parent, who It also looked forward to carrying her child at birth. But the task entrusted, I accepted. Later, I told my children. How did the father went against epidemic, the doctors, military forces, police, the people in the whole country were struggling. "He shares the biggest fear now is his pregnant wife Having a husband next to it, thinking much, affecting both mother and baby's health. "My unique desire is that we soon repel the disease, people can go to the family. I was home, picked up the child, "the man was about to go to his mind. The tears of the person staying" pregnant to the stages of Covid-19 complex movements, not being with her husband , I have to ask my parents to support a lot. I sometimes see people pregnant but have husbands besides, I am also a body, "said Nursing Nguyen Phuong Linh, Faculty of Virus - Parasites, Central Tropical Hospital, His wife enjoyed and sharing. Regularly call the confession when there is a chance. Photo: NVCC.My Ms. Linh Phat is also pregnant also when both spouses are in the support force to ensure the prevention and control of Covid-19 for the XIII Party Congress. Taking a lunch break time, she called her husband to report. Happiness at that time seemed to break as if they couldn't directly together. Through the important milestones of pregnancy together, close to the birth of birth, he enjoyed and the Linh was once again to be apart because of translation of Covid- 19.Erecession husbands are mobilized into Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Linh only dare sad

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