Calm Seized The Opportunity In The Disease

Behind the difficulty due to Covid-19 pandemic, let us calmly recognize your capacity, find opportunities to appear in danger and capture them in: 00/4: 47 South Small, I was told by his grandparents to listen to folk jokes named "re-code". Perhaps because the age is small, he has not spread his life much, I just smiled ha ha because the structure repeats the story but doesn't understand its profound meaning. But now, when you've gone through many ups and downs Living, especially the duration of Covid-19 epidemic, I just absorbed the eldest lesson. It said that there was an old man living near the border (ie. He raised a precious horse

. One day, the natural horse went into the north soil and lost suck. The acquaintances went to the questioning house, he told them: "Losting horses is the omen". However, the few days later the horse returned, "invited" more Tuan Ma
[...] Books in the middle of the danger is hard to have many exit. Photo: NKV has a lot of challenges that can be unexpected, and epidemic is just one of the difficulties that happen recently, so I would like to get the disease as an example to read readers. The impact of these challenges is big or small, directly or indirectly, they will certainly make our lives disturbed. Even some people are still depressed in material and mental, causing the collapse of faith and losing many good opportunities. So, it doesn't necessarily wait until the epidemic occurs, we need to remember the sentence I have to re-play, but I should reflect on any difficult moment of life. Remind yourself to follow the ancient ancient lesson, so you don't feel alive, wild Bring lost. However, keeping the calm attitude to see the painting in blessing, blessing in the caste as soon as it seems like again, it is very difficult
Because the signs are usually very small, like a black circular dot in What is the righteous map, but the feeling of covering the eyes and dominates whether the mind is no longer being alert enough. It comes here, I suddenly remembered the story of half a glass of water, the pessimist will sad "Oh, just this about this", and the optimistic person, the lake is by "to half a glass of water". But despite being pessimistic or optimistic, then we still face important questions Best, what will I do with this country. Will you choose to drink an instant thirst or put it in the frozen stone to keep the water longer? I will choose another option, that is to take a sip of my strength to ... Forget the old water glass And thought how to get a new glass of water. Short, during the Covid-19 season, when the main job was stalled, besides completing the assigned tasks to receive basic wages, ensure dark demand Minimize life, I will find more jobs to make an income, cover the loss. [...] That means that idle time for yourself will increase, if I don't use it effectively, it is wasteful. Photo: QMTrong the recent outbreak of disease, I know there are many less lucky people who have been cut working time, transferred to a lower salary job, even being fired ... So in some aspect, keeping the monthly income without excessive downhill can be considered successful. But you drill please replex, because I'm just a sand grain compared to a Chinese billionaire. gender. When epidemic SARS exploded in 2003, an alibaba company employee infected with all employees and president Jack Ma was quarantined. This has a significant impact on the economy and the company's activities. During the danger, Jack Ma has come up with an innovator to work online to ensure everything can operate according to the normal orbit.Receiving efficiency beyond the expectation so he changes the active model and Set up an electronic trading floor It seemed to grasp the key to success in his hand, but Jack Ma once again fell into difficult situations, his idea did not receive the agreement of the board because they think this is not feasible. Without giving up, Jack Ma silently set up the research group and carried out the plan on paper into reality, so it picked up a sweet fruit like today, causing many people to really marry and admire. Many people online then said: "If I don't ask SARS, you won't have" This is not really a truth, but it still has a value meaning, it is dangerous. It is also an end to which sometimes become the motivation to promote us to rise, overcome normal safety limits to make something more bold. It may not bring good results like themselves I thought but at least you dared to think and dare to do it, more than sitting at the result of

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