Cambodia Proposed Cyprus Collaborative Investigation Accused Prime Minister Hun Sen With Two Citizenship

On October 6, Cambodian Justice Minister signed a letter to the Cyprus Liberty (Cyprus) proposed to cooperate to investigate and provide truth related to allegation that Prime Minister Hun Sen was European country This passport level.02: 00/1: 17 Southern Mail, the Minister of Justice Cambodia said that some of the British and American newspapers have posted the information discovered from "Pandora Profile", in which There are exceptions to the truth about Prime Minister Hun Sen owns Cyprus National Keut Rith, Minister of Justice Cambodia. Photo: The Cambodia Ministry of Justice of Cambodia affirmed that Prime Minister Hun Sen only has Cambodian nationality and he regularly declares publicity to steady political stance always with Cambodian people, never leave People and Kingdom of Cambodia in any circumstances. The fact that the articles told public and false news about Prime Minister Hun Sen causes serious harm to honor and integrity of the Prime Minister as well as the people and the entire Kingdom of Cambodia

. The side of the Cyprus cooperates to investigate and officially provides information about the above incident to clarify with the public and all the people of Cambodia, as well as the honor protection of the Cambodian Kingdom and Prime Minister Hun Sen. The Royal Cambodian Lawyer Delegation has asked foreign newspapers to remove posts with the wrong information above and said they will consider the implementation of legal actions for these newspapers. /
Do, Tam Hieu / VOV-Phnom Penh

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