Can Americans Prosecute Participants Of Haitian President’s Assassination?

The previous Pentagon confirmed the American armed forces ever trained a part of the Colombian army, who was related to the assassination of the Haitian President Jovenel Moise.Theo Reuters, the US authorities can offer Alleged in the assassination of President Haiti Jovenel Moise, if there is enough basis for this. "If the terms can be given in the US, they will be implemented with suspects", a government official The US said. The participants participated in the assassination of President Haiti. (Photo: AP) In addition, US anti-drug force (DEA) confirmed that one of the suspects in the Moise President's murder was previously a person who provided information for this force

. The US Federal Investigation Department (FBI) is helping Haitian government investigating the assassination. President Joe Biden said after the talk with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, the US only sent Marines to Haiti to strengthen protection The Embassy of the country. Mr
Biden noted, sending the army to Haiti was not in the agenda at this time. November 15, the head of the Haiti National Police Force, Leon Charles, rejected the information for that , Investigators assassinated the President showed a clue of Cluey Prime Minister Claude Joseph related to the incident. "The official Haiti police officers denied allegations that, the Haitian investigators and Foreign has found a link between Prime Minister Claude Joseph with the assassination of the president, "Charles said. The father from the Haitian police is given after Colombia's Caracol TV Doubtful Prime Minister Haiti is related to the President's assassination. By 2 days before the assassination, the president appointed Mr. Ariel Henry to be the new Prime Minister to replace Mr. Claude Joseph, however, Mr. Ariel Henry was unimediarred. The representative of the Colombian police said, they didn't have any Any information about this question. The agency is working with Haiti to investigate the incident when there are many suspects in the assassination of Colombian citizens
Before that, Police Haiti arrested Mr. Dimitri Herard, the President's security guard Haiti Jovenel Moise, to investigate why the security force at the President's mansion did not resist stronger when attackers broke and assassinate the President. Haiti prosecutor said Mr. Dimitri Herard And Mr. Jean Laguel Civil, the President's security coordinator did not appear in court according to the summoning orders of the Office on the above two days 13-14 / 7. The assassination of the Moise President occurred on the morning 7 / 7 (local time). A group of 28 gunmen attacked the president's mansion and assassinated him. First Lady Martine Moise was seriously injured and was treated to the US treatment. Among the 28 gunmen, there are 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans. Binh Binh (Translation)

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