Can You Play The Role Of A Letter, How Will It Be When You Have To ‘live With Your Husband’?

Everyone often mentioned 'Living with her mother-in-law' but it is the right to fall into the scene of 'living with her husband' in the new movie. Don't know the acquaintance actress that plays a rich lady like La Thanh Huyen to manage this situation with this situation now, La Thanh Huyen is participating in the main role in a home. Only a few early scenes images, the audience was very excited to know she became a wife of Viet Anh, the daughter of Van Dung.La Thanh Huyen and movie actors to the general aim of La Thanh Huyen was the 33-year-old female writer named Jinjiang, married a man who had a private daughter teen. Surely life "Mother next to the husband" of the writer's writer is not pleasant when facing countless tricks of her husband and hard-known husband, moisture character

. Her objects must "live with me Husband "no, but on the personal page, La Thanh Huyen lamented" Oa Tanh, a bit more lived with her husband's mother. I don't know if it is floating with this father's father. VTV movie "
The three-person family of La Thanh Huyen in the new movie is no longer a big corporation deputy director like in love movies

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