Canada Stated 5 Soviet Aircraft Making The Us Fear Most

The Soviet Union created some types of fighters that made the United States horrred, the above comments yet in the Hot Cars edition of Canada. The fake of the article - Mr. Henry Kelsall wrote: "Cold war is The moment was really interesting for the development of the military aviation industry. "" In the west and east, both sides conflicting have tried their best to pass each other, they try to fit the aircraft My ability is much superior to the opposite side. For the Soviet Union and the United States, this is more important than ever

. "" The two sides know that in the event of a total war, the plane They will directly collide at some point in the conflict, even if the nuclear war seems to be the most likely result ". Strictly prompted the Soviet Union and the US Some incredible machines like MiG-21 and F-4. The author of the article has synthesized the list of 5 Soviet aircraft that makes Americans feel afraid of MiG-29 Fulcrummimmig-29 Light-ranking stimulation is one of the most flexible wars in the Cold War
Although it is now quite obsolete compared to modern aircraft, Fulcrum still serves and can compete with fighters like F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon. Kelsale newspaper note MiG-29 is famous as a scary multi-purpose fighter with incredible maneuverability, it owns the maximum speed of Mach 2.26 impressively. Super bar strategic sculpture - "White Swan "Tu-160" Tu-160 looks very similar to Rockwell B-1B Lancer. Today it is still the largest and most heaviest and heaviest fighter aircraft, the fastest muscle bombing, as well as the largest spread wing wing plane and The heaviest flying "Canadian publication said. The modern version of Tu-160M of" white swans "has just been introduced in recent times will continue to play the staple strategic bombing of Russia Best until the Pak leather is ready to serve. Size the long-range interceptor MiG-31 Foxhound Make Americans worry about MiG-31 are unlike its predecessor MiG-25 Foxbat, the Foxhound is able to nursing SR-71 engine reconnaissance monitoring is based on a maximum speed of 3,000 km / h, or Mach 2.83.Theep MiG-31 with upgraded versions still active to this day, especially is the MiG-31K variant to carry the KHINZHAL KHINZHAL supercise super rocket, forecast MiG-31 will exist until 2030. SHOWS EXAMINATION MIG-21 Fishbed "Beautiful MiG-21 is one The most recognized Soviet Cold War Fighters in the Vietnam War
This is the supreme fighter with the maximum speed of Mach 2.05 ", the author of the article Note. Strategic bomber tu-95ms Bearearhead Bear is one of the easy bomber The most recognition of the Cold War, it is still being used and flying regularly in Europe, especially at the coast near the UK.Tu-95 is the most noisy military plane ever built due to Installing 4 extremely large capacity to repor the NK-12, even information indicates that Bear is also identified by the hydrological navigation system on submarines.

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