Canadian Photographers Showed Incredible ‘puzzle’

Passionate Arts Reverse Stone Balancing since 2008, Michael Grab, Canadian artists and photographers have attracted the attention of the online community around the world.00: 00/03: 10ngu: Youtubemichael Grab is viewed As an artist and photographer creates the art of Rock Balancing in 2008 during the trip to explore, visit the landscape in the Boulder Creek River, Colorado (USA). After that, he placed the first foundation bricks for this Peak Art Department. The Balanced Stone Reverse Art is often called fun with the name "Playing Stone" is the arrangement of insulted stones In naturally balancing, extraordinary to the art threshold. It is difficult here that the rocks are placed in a non-square, uneven stone, and the artist cannot use any device Perforated, knife, knife, tape

... but only using hand does
Michael Grab has ever shared: "What decisively decide whether you have a balance of success, which you understand how clearly it is. Only when owning the stone, you can turn them into art ".Phan Nguyen

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