Canadian Prime Minister: Two Citizens Arrested In China Are On The Way To The Country

On September 25, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that two citizens of the country were detained in China to be released and left the country. Canadian Citizens were arrested by China: Michael Kovrig (left) and Michael Spavor. Material Photo: BBC / TTXVNPurporte at the press conference in Ottawa, Mr. Trudeau said the two citizens including former diplomatic staff Michael Kovrig and Entrepreneur Michael Spavor had left the Chinese airspace and was on the way back to the country. Aircraft carrying these two people expected to land Canada on September 25, two were arrested in China with little spy allegations after China's Huawei Telecommunications Finance Director of China, Ms

. Manh Chau, arrested in Canada. In March, both Kovrig and Spavor were tried in China. By August, the court condemned Mr
Spavor 11 years in prison while the trial of Mr. Kovrig did not have the final judgment. The information about the Canadian citizens was released and returned to the country given a day after The Canadian Ministry of Justice said it was informed that the Court of the US Justice of Justice took a led to the US to the United States. Therefore, there is no basis to continue the extradition procedure and Ms. Manh Chau is free to leave Canada. Earlier, Ms. Manh was agreed to postpone prosecution with the US Department of Justice, allowing her to return to China after nearly 3 years held in Canada. Manh Chau, daughter of the founding of Huawei Founders Chinh Africa, arrested at Vancouver airport on December 1, 2018, when she transited to prepare Argentina to attend a conference. She was forced to lie to Huawei's control over the control of Huawei for a company with business activities in Iran, causing HSBC to violate the white house's sanctions for Iran.Le Anh ( VNA)

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