Candidate German Prime Minister Of The Green Party Against Nord Stream 2

The Berbock Prime Minister candidate intends to hinder Nord Stream 2, Russian media reported. According to the action and words (Slovodel), Annelena Berbock, German Prime Minister's candidate from the Green Party, declared The intention to obstructed the gas supply through the NORD STREAM 2 Energy Project If she can win in the election and join the new government. Annelena Berbock has released the corresponding statement in an interview with Pioneer newspaper (Pioneer). Ball Annelena Berbock. From before, the Green Party always has a tough stance for the Russian Federation

. Ms. Berbock himself also tried to make a project in the Bundestag to stop the implementation of Nord Stream 2. The German Prime Minister's election will take place on September 26
"I will not provide them , "Mrs. Berbock emphasized, referring to the Pipeline Operating License Nord Stream 2.Ansap, the candidate for the Finance Prime Minister believes that the gas supply through Nord Stream 2 will be" dangerous ", and The Russian statements about maintaining the transit of the energy through the Ukrainian territory are "unable to trust". Ball Annelena Berbock born in 1980, this year is 40 years old. She graduated from London Economic and Political Institute (2004-2005). This politician female is a German Federal parliamentary member from 2013.Cong (according to Slovodel)

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