Cannot ‘lightweight’ Hydrogen Fuel In The Automotive Industry

Hydrogen fuel is a problem that cannot be 'lightweight' in the automotive industry as a statement of a number of world-leading automobile manufacturers (Germany), including BMW and Audi.0: 00/1: 32 Audi and BMW's southern menu. Photo: These firms are developing passenger cars using hydrogen fuel besides automotive models using electric batteries during preparation for abandoning fossil fuels. Germany, the center of the world automotive industry, also "bet" nearly 10 billion USD into hydrogen fuels in many areas, such as steel and chemicals, to achieve climate change anti-climate change goals

.BMW is the proposed enterprise put into use the most active hydrogen fuel among German automobile manufacturing companies, when the airline gives a popular car model around 2030.Ansa, BMW is also interested in changing Change hydrogen policy in Europe and the world's largest automotive market in China.BMW develops a car model that uses hydrogen fuel based on multi-purpose sports models (SUV) X5
This project of BMW receives a part of funding from the German government. BMW President Jürgen Guldner is in charge of automotive programs using hydrogen fuel cells, saying this company will build a car team to test up to 100 pcs in 2022. In addition, he added that BMW is developing the next generation automotive models. , gathered a team of more than 100 engineers and mechanics to study hydrogen fuel cells for both VW Group as well as conduct a number of automobile prototypes using hydrogen fuel./. Reuters)

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