Cannot Love Your Own Child

I took her when she had a husband and a son. I welcomed my mother and son to live when her son was 4 years old. Now I was 14 years old.0: 00/1: 52 south 10 years ago I made a stepperwork voluntarily with full solitude and patience. But no matter how much I don't love my wife's own children

. When his birth was born, raising their children to have the opportunity to realize their feelings. I love your child in ten parts, even though I try me, I can't love my wife to 5 parts. I don't know if I was in a stubborn age, or not I was harder to tell me that I was extremely uncomfortable
I said nothing but I was mistaken. In addition, it doesn't say but behind the back doesn't do it. I told him to live neatly, it was only neatly located outside the private room, in a private room, the surface would like to challenge me. My mother was scolded many times, I could only get a few sessions and then later. I discovered that I played games during online school hours, but after a few sessions, it was. To the extent that the teacher had to call her mother because she saw her class online too much. I confess your phone, computer and only allow school hours to use my computer to learn. Since then I seemed to say but I didn't say anything, listening to it, but I firmly learned. I welcomed my mother and son to live when her son was 4 years old. I was 14 years old now
Illustration. Love is too early for yourself to be troublesome. Only a few years is entering an important exam but he loves to love a friend. Once I met both hugging each other in my room when I suddenly went home in the middle of the session. I told my wife to rectify but I am so tight that my mother so that I have to appear, I don't say unleash with my mother anymore. My family has a stress. Whenever I go somewhere or go back to his father, my house is peaceful. Am I too fast, bad? I have to do this to preserve this relationship, but I really love my wife. I don't want to because I'm my husband and I have to live miserable. Hope people give me advice. Sincere thanks.Hoang ... @

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