Cao Thai Ha Saw An Actor In Germany Long Alarms, Too Far To Reveal Flowers To Donate Not Much With Flowers

Cao Thai Ha suddenly revealed that he was trying to actor Germany Long alarm with extreme messages away from 9: 00/1: 48 Nou southern region 9/7, Family trying to actor Duc Long completed the funeral and Bringing a crematorial spirit at Binh Hung Hoa cremation center. As a very close friend, Cao Thai Ha continues to have emotional sharing of Germany Long. On the individual page, the actress suddenly revealed Duc Long to dream through a friend of his friend: " He told him, told her mother to Ha as it was okay. It is ignorant to see it before it loses but it sleeps well. Living in a happy and loving her mother like it is okay

. It will be bad. Alright many things have not yet been done but only, unchanged. Loss of hope for it is also thoughtful
It is about to go and just ask for one thing. Is there any set to buy it yet It's time for you to say you to bring it to it. It is sorry for not wearing, taking care of. It shouted with flowers to get a lot of money to visit it. Beautiful, it likes it. There is something if I live It is more fun. "Duc Long is not only a colleague but also a selfishness that Cao Thai Ha always values and loves. The relationship of close friends between both capital is known by many people. And when I tried to actor Duc Long Lam's disease, Cao Thai Ha was present to take care of her friend. On the personal page, actresses often have moves to encourage their close friends to win illness
Before that on the personal page, Cao Thai Ha also revealed that she would complete what Many Long told. His vow was swept ashes in Nha Trang, she would do after the episodes. "Ha grabed Long's passport and put it in Long's pocket, go to the places he promised to go together. Remember to go together. With Ha Nha. Lucky life lucky when a friend Nhu Long, Thank you Long has always loved Ha unconditions and protected Ha during the past 10 years. Long will always be in the heart of Ha ", Cao Thai Ha contact write a writer.

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