Cao Xuan Finished To Reveal Each ‘dose Of The Network “of The High Circus At 1 Gameshow

Cao Xuan Tai shared each 'dose of network' over high circus at a television show. In addition, the South King of the boy also confesses itself without a lot of love experiences. To open the topic of the feeling of safety when love, Mc Lieu Ha Trinh wants to listen to the comments of the guests about this topic . Cao Xuan Tai frankly sharing: "Interesting is with this topic, I don't have much experience". Thu Thuy spoke up: "I said so so why all four people call the sky, I have to understand how it is"

.Cao Xuan takes "reactions" of all four artists participating in the program. Photo: Beeca Si Emma Nhat Khanh also said that Cao Xuan Tai was talking. She decided not to believe a young man who did not have experience in love
The singer was still in the young man, "I am very happy to join the Thanh Xuan vitality program and very self Believe with the theme of this love ".Cao Xuan Tai shares about her love. Photo: BEE is known now Nam Vuong Cao Xuan Tai is participating in a dating program and decides to leave the same relationship but then both remains a friend's relationship with him. Participating in the dating program wanted to have more experience in affection, and also want to find the other half of my life. Rapper. Photo: Beekhi Mc Lieu Ha Trinh raised the question: "Follow you, a safe man or a desperate man who will attract women more?" "The desperate man will attract women more". The body, he shared: "The dose of life and the bravery is the two factors that make up the recklessness of the man causing women to feel very attractive. The men used their recklessness right in an instant moment to help someone would make women extremely admire ".emma Nhat Khanh and Thu Thuy. Photo: Bee Songs also revealed male Vuong Cao Xuan Tai is a reckless man model when performing circuses that are at risk of losing their lives when participating in a realistic program
Xuan Tai added: "I only practiced sports but not exposed With the circus ever. However, when I joined the program, I had to learn 7 different circuses and every circus caused many injuries. Among them, I have to go through a high circus and no Safety wire ". Waves at 20 pm tonight, 9-7 on HTV7 channel.

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