Captain Harry Kane Revealed How Many Passes He Used To ‘finish’ Denmark

HHT - Danish team has proven to the world that they are not a 'lining' or 'under the' team 'team - despite his team with home yard advantages. However, a goal in the extra time had made him go to the finals. The British team captain Harry Kane has just revealed that he used Denmark 'to end "Denmark in the last minute of the semifinals <: 00/1: 56 namharry Kane almost became" The crime of "when his penalty shot in the second half-finals of Euro 2020 was blocked by Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark). Fortunately for Kane with the England team, the ball turned out and Kane kicked to put the ball into the net, scoring the decision for him. The first lead in the extra constructor put heavy pressure on the Danish team, making knitting The circuit rushed to equalize, to bring the match to the shootout

. This is the video Harry Kane almost became a "crime", but then became the "hero" of England: / Source: Bert. Danish equalization was unsuccessful when he tried to keep the score. And the British team captain Harry Kane revealed that he had to use the plan was patiently passing the ball to preserve the score and "finish" Denmark
That's right, Kane used to say Kill Denmark Off ("ending" Denmark). According to the Inews UK, the British team made up to 53 passes in 2 minutes and the last 33 seconds, to ensure that they could Going into the finals.Harry Kane and Phil Foden celebrate the goal. Photo: Sky Sports. "It's a great sign of our common goal," Kane said - "There are also a few times, everyone thinks of rushing to the enemy's area to score one Tables, but the fact that we have done (try to keep the score) show the unwrites of the whole team ". There is a lot of controversy around the penalty that Raheem Sterling won the home team, leading to Kane's goal . For this, Kane insisted that when he was in the match, he thought it was true that there was a real penalty, but anyway he had not reviewed the video.Kane said that he should have enjoyed A penalty from the second half was not waiting to the extra time. Photo: EPA.Kane added: "I think I should have been a penalty in half in half, sometimes everything happened at your disposal, sometimes not
I think it is generally balanced. "Please have a lot of sources

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