‘car Icon To’ Mercedes-benz S-class No Longer Produced In Vietnam

New generation of S-Class, launching the domestic market on November 25, also marked Mercedes-Benz's luxury sedan no longer assembled at the factory in Vietnam. 9: 00/3 : 22 Southern hectos of the new S-Class Located in technology, including a series of integrated artificial intelligence features in MBux.Theo Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, the new generation S-Class currently has only two versions, There are a prolonged base shaft: S450 and S450 Luxury. Besides the transformation of both domestic and exterior, the completely new S-Class has highlights such as a new generation 6-cylinder engine with the electrochemical hybrid system that Mercedes-Benz is called EQ Boost; Multibeam headlights cluster; Driving assistance system Driving Assistance Package; Airbags behind the front seats for those sitting behind .

.. However, behind the more valuable changes are the virtual assistant from the MBux central entertainment package. On the S450 Luxury version, this package has a gesture control system, in parallel voice communication mechanisms (not yet supported Vietnamese)
The senior sample of this new S-Class is also equipped with a system that supports rear wheel navigation - the high-end feature is similar to Porsche Panamera and BMW X7. The completely new Furniture of S450. The S-class debuted this time is that both variants are imported directly from Germany, instead of assembling at the factory in Ho Chi Minh City - which is the only place outside Germany can ship the car With this strict standards. This change has contributed to the new car price to dominate significantly. The S-Class generation is selling in Vietnam (launched in 2018) with the price of the S450 only 4.2 billion dong, the S450 Luxury is VND 4.9 billion. Meanwhile, the new generation S450 started 5,199 billion dong, and the price of the new S450 Luxury was from VND 5,749 billion. Actual prize, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam representative, the main reason is the factory in Water has not been upgraded line to handle and assemble the chassis system of the new car. Completely composed of aluminum, improved chassis is significantly lighter than before, but requires a lot of changes in production
Meanwhile, after decades of activities, the factory in Go Vap District (Ho Chi Minh City) of the German car company is also standing in the middle of the "road fork" in operation orientation. , The transfer to the whole unit imports also causes the new S-Class to lose some competitive advantages. First of all, those are tax incentives, fees for domestic assembly cars - one of the important factors that helps this car easier to conquer customers than competitors in Vietnam many segments Last year. In the context of consumers who were eager to wait for previous registration fees at the moment, the new changes of the S-Class became unfortunate. The chain of the remote Europe will also cause the lifting cycle Features on the new S-Class are longer. Mercedes-Benz Vietnam itself is also significantly restricted in customizing flexible configuration and vehicle components to meet consumer needs as well as competitive pressure from opponents - two factors always turn Change very quickly. Along with that, the supply of spare parts for maintenance, maintenance and repair has become a big question mark. Looking in general, the loss of a series of competitive advantages will certainly make the S-Class 2021 face Barrier in competitive effort. However, with a series of attractive "new dishes", the model is always considered a representative face of this luxurious transport will definitely remain the formidable opponent of BMW Series 7, Audi A8 or even Chi both Porsche Panamera.Hoang Linh

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