Car Repair Shop In The United States Hit A Million Usd Lottery

Mr. Brian Woodle, the car repair owner in Florida, has won a million dollar lottery on the opening day of the store.0: 00/1: 18 Nandong Brian Woodle, 46 years old, has a dream of being declared Truong car repair shop in Callahan town, Florida state. But things haven't stopped there. This man was lucky to win a $ 1 million lottery on the opening day of the store, CNN reported on 11/5

. Lot Brian Woodle, 46, received a prize with the family. Photo: Florida Lottery. "I like to work with vehicles and I always dream of owning a car repair shop for my own", Mr
Woodle shared with Florida state lottery company. "At the end Opening session, I visited a convenience store Circle K to buy items. I also took a lottery ticket. Just like that, I won a million dollars, "said the lucky man. According to the press release of the lottery company, Mr. Woodle won by a Gold Rush Supreme lottery ticket worth 5 USD. After that, Mr. Woodle came to the headquarters of the Lottery Company in Tallahassee City and received the entire prize of 880,000 USD. Circle K, where Mr. Woodle bought a lottery ticket, also received $ 2,000 money commission
This week, the lottery players in Florida can win a more valuable award. On the evening of September 11, the Powerball lottery will give many awards with a total value of up to 409 million USD.

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