Car Storage Is Less Used During A Way: Things To Note

During some places where people apply social ways, people are recommended to show roads in case of necessity. Accordingly, many cars do not use it for many days, we need to take things to keep the car properly <: 00/2: 17Nam Sordships in a group of apartments, Ms. NTT, (Cau Giay district, Hanoi) posted, Ms. T. Let's car in the parking tunnel of the apartment is unable to start, thanks to everyone in the apartment support "sentence" batteries

. The "sentence" batteries are quite simple and the fastest measure to handle this case. This is only one of the cases where the car is weak due to many days without use. Therefore, we need to take attention when preserving cars during this social way of stretching or in little use of cars
Regularly starting a car when it will be easy to consume Battery energy, many cases of weak battery makes you can't start the car. Therefore, for cars that have been used for 1.5 years or more, you need to start the car about 1 week / time, every 15 minutes. This will help the car on the car Piercing avoiding non-boot conditions due to electric vehicles. If the battery is weak, it is possible to apply the "electrical sentence" from another car. Illustration. In case the car is weakened by batteries, it is possible to apply "electrical sentences" from another vehicle, when it starts, it is necessary to maintain a machine in about 30 minutes to charge the power Battery. Check the motor car motorbike to longer need to check the machine compartment regularly, avoid the case of mouse, "bite" wire. If in the case of "biting" wires, it is necessary to ask the car repairman, to ensure safety when circulating. Regularly check the engine compartment
Photo illustration. Scaffolding tires Vehicles should equip an automatic pump to proactively in tires. Illustration. Both tires also contribute to increasing lifespan for tires as well as ensuring optimum safety when preserving long time cars. Each car should equip a pump automatically, car owners have Can actively pump the car at any time. Shopping for automatic pumping is essential in both automotive use process, especially supporting in moving long distances. Cars for cars or motorbikes, the first thing you should do before car time Long do not use it is clean car wash. Skillfully wash the mud or dirt under the car or the details are prone to rusting such as metal on the car. Then parked in a dry and clean place, avoid parking near easy tools Fire or high temperatures parking can be stored the safest. Clean car wash, parked in a dry place. Photo illustration. Pump full of gas parking for long-term parking if the amount of gasoline in the bottle will be easily rustable or susceptible to steam accumulation, this will lead to a phenomenon of gasoline used later. So should be filled with a gas tank and cover the gas tank with carefully.

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