‘career Of Dad’ And Hidden Bases

The obsessed past is difficult to accept that the weak soul cannot overcome the pain. From a personal perspective, we can see the story of the era. Heels Patrick Modiano in belt boulevards and Éric Fottorino in cinematic kisses, French writer Sorj Chalandon leaves a very bold imprint in The hearts of readers with their father's career novel. His products are gentle but also full of indignation, containing love, hating, hope and forgiveness. To be adapted into a cinematic work of the same name in 2020, the father's career has the impression of the French literature, it is difficult to forget the Dad's career theory

. Photo: I Love Books. The past fluctuates if the Modiano and Fottorino belongs to the type of writer to dig into memories with traces that the faint mist of memory is gradually exhausted, can see, Sorj Chalandon is full of reality and live Dynamic more with the story in this book. The father's career is a story about the émile boy between the intermediates and when adulthood, in relation to father and family seemingly got from the commune My association
At that point, his father, who seemed to have an uncertainty, and a pastor who was both a parachute, singer, service, teacher teacher, postman, goalkeeper and many Other industries, if we can tell. The father is depicted with extremely strict looks. He was full of revolutionary and pride in the United States. It can be said that he brought in the bombs to explode slowly, impatiently, arrogantly but sometimes quiet to unexpectedly. In some moment, Sorj Chalandon for readers feeling his character is wearing heart mind Ly or bipolar disorder. Sometimes, it is wish that the whole family gathered east enough to listen to General De Gaulle to speak, but sometimes sparked with the curse and obscene language for his wife, acting their child violence. But real Doubt more than the mother and Émile themselves seem to endure it. His mother is gentle, full of orange, always dreamy and rarely listen to what her husband said. She melancholy and there are many secrets hiding in the heart. With a husband can explode anytime, she whispered with light steps, with apron, vegetable soup and always worried, I was afraid of the crowd
Not just once He poured down to émile. She is also a victim in those disagreements itself. But, with the mouth of the mouth "that I am like that" or "I know that?" As the words comforting their children after battles, she showed hiding deeply in me as a love. Without such a man who was so much, perhaps, she couldn't stand those years. About the émile side, he was like a white paper, suffering from his father's influence. He believed what he said, repeated what he did with him to Luca - you just went to France from the domain of Algeria. Is it really responsible? Probably not, because he was a child and more than his naive, worshiping his father. I will poisonous of émile in the house that seems to be gaped from society, making me feel for fragility and weakness . He made friends with the strokes before his father's battle. In the house without anyone close to each other, he was proud and full of happiness before the compliment but also obsessed and feared with printed lines On the skin, with a punishment in the "Renovative Camp" is a wardrobe. French writer Sorj Chalandon. Photo: LE DEVOIR. There are actual stories that are written alternating between the two timelines of the past in the past and present of the days of the father in forgotten. The implications of the childhood are clear with Émile, especially in the new house but are familiar that his parents have moved a long time before. About all the resistance of the previous time, even When Émile wants to return to introduce her Clément's son to her two grandparents, that family continues to give himself a shell, but now not with outsiders but also for himself. That fragile can be explained as the suffering of the parent's mother and pale pale. He was closer to the old age when she began to have a voice. In the hierarchy, she was dark, she had never kept his leg long, though a meal or a glass of water. Is she afraid of the weakness of me, feeling an error when you don't protect your child at age because of helplessness? It seems that it is always loving and looking forward to you, but in front of that sacred feeling is always the feeling of despair. Émile understood and never seemed to have him for Clément what she had undergone. Main maps during the time with his father made him understand, sympathize and forgive him. He loves his child. He unconsciously repeated Ted's name during the kite and it was showing that the past never let go of him. But, it was in the funeral, when she tried to trick to need a hug from her son, and the visit Tangs take place quickly in coldness

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