Career Up As A Kite With A Male Actor Has A 14-year-old Child

Arata Mackenyu affects her mother's friend and has its own child from 14 years old. The actor is still famous and is considered to be the South American Kingdom of Japanese showbiz.gia Enter showbiz with the nickname "Sonny Chiba son", Arata Mackenyu takes a long time to get rid of the ball too big from the father is a martial star Number 1 Japanese. Five years since leaving the US returning to the hometown of career development, Arata Mackenyu has become one of the top stars, even listed on the list of Japanese "USA Bao" . He caught his attention to the Asian audience through the latest role in Rurouni Kenshin

.Arata Mackenyu canteen to pay attention when he plays a village of Yukishiro Enishi in Rurouni Kenshin. Photo: Twitter.Gia Large and Private Private LifeMackenyu (born in 1996) The name is Maeda Mackenyu, however, to avoid being considered to be based on family reputation, actors who have left the family of Maeda and taking their names Arata
But the fact that he is the son of the star son Sonny Chiba is still impossible to hide, especially when Chiba is not only famous in Japan but also a remarkable career spread across Asia.sinh In Los Angeles (USA), Mackenyu once returned to Japan in a short time and contributed to two works Team Astro (2005) and Oyaji (2007) as a child actor. After that, he focused on studying in the United States, graduating with the Advanced Training Program at Beverly Hills High School. Many opinions say that life in the US makes Mackenyu's love and sexually open More than homosexual friends, and the reason for the largest scandal in his 7 years of his career. In 2017, when the actor's reputation exploded throughout Asia thanks to a series of popular movies in Japan, including "Chihayafuru, Scandal has a child from the 14th of Mackenyu's 14-year-old press. According to the press information posted, Mackenyu has sex with his mother's friend - a woman than him 16 age and family. The relationship was discovered when the woman was pregnant. The math based on the birth of the child, the media said that Mackenyu had sex with her mother since I was 13 years old and became a father in 14 years old .Eop a lot of birth in 1996 has a love relationship with her mother and have children falling from age 14. Photo: Twitter
After the baby was born, the son of the Sonny Chiba family filed a suicide of the son of the son to court with the reason the older woman forced to be Mackenyu. However, the trial trial to denounce adolescent abuse was canceled when the actor personally denied the coercive sex. That is, sex arises after having consensus of both sides, Mackenyu's child has been 11 years old and lives in the US with his mother. The actor still developed a parallel career in Japan and the United States, but never mentioned that there was a falling child. Not only once caught in love scandal with older women, in April, America 25 years old Customs are supposed to be dating actress Okamoto Natsuki. Natsuki was 31, was married to a hair stylist. Arama Japan said a source of disclosure Mackenyu and Natsuki met since 2018, when the actress was still happy with her husband. Not long after she divorced, the two started dating. "The" Japanese entertainment industry "dig" Scandal has a child from 14 years old but Mackenyu's career is not affected, even to reach Up to a higher level. From 2015, Mackenyu had the opportunity to film in the international market, with George's role in Taodama - the work was praised by impressive actions in the context of World War II. later That, the actor continues to play in some foreign products such as Zaps, Inc. Or Pacific Rim 2: Uprising. In that, Hollywood Pacific Rim blockbuster: Uprising 2 (2018) shows off the film capability in the US of Japanese stars. The handsome appearance with the ability to speak English fluently helps him to create a mark in a movie with revenue of up to 288 million USD. In the film, Mackenyu undertook the character Ryoichi - Saber Athena.pacific RIM spacecrific: Uprising 2 released in 2018 brought Mackenyu over the scandal douts with children since the minors bring, and also He went to the most promising actors of the Japanese screen. The 25-year-old star is a rare Japanese actor who has just been successful in the domestic market, and has the ability to grow in Hollywood. The 25-year-old star is classified as act actors, called by the nickname "in the US tell". Photo: Twitter. Also in 2018, Mackenyu topped the list of voting "American South Vietnam" voted by Vivi magazine. He is famous for being the perfect American with a height of 1.76 m, sharp face, and has a good revenue, just the right, cold. From here, Western fans often call Mackenyu with the nickname "Quoc Bao". Can say, a year after the past scandal flare up, Mackenyu goes to the top of the reputation. The actor's television has reached 33 works, including NH

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