Carlos Slim – The Legendary Business Story Of The Country

Called the Warren Buffett of Latin America, billionaire Carlos Slim from an immigrant people in Mexico in the early 90s of the century before the time did a legendary story.02: 00/6: 45 South Vietnam The business of this investor stretches across many areas, from Telecommunications, Retail, Finance, Technology, automobile manufacturing to other industries. Sprominine business lignitles in 28/1 / 1940 in Mexico in a family immigrant Lebanon 6 children, Mr. Slim's life is not easy, especially when Mexico has many fluctuations during this period. On average, about 1/15 Mexican people were killed by armed conflicts at that time

. In 1911, Mr. Slim's father was Mr. Julian Slim to decide to buy real estate in Zocalo district to open grocery stores when Many people sell cheaply to move to avoid war
Julian's bet board was successful when the whole family still stabilized through the war.Carlos Slim.Vao is 5 years old, Carlos Slim has earned money from small buying and selling cases. Thanks to bargain, the boy slim bought toys on the street with cheap prices, then sold them to the same age friends, even the boys to eat the difference. It can be said that of a small clothing called "Oriental Star" of Slim's parents is the environment for him to operate the earliest business methods. Not only that, intelligence and the ability to remember the numbers of Slim are also fostered by the business father. He taught Slim how to read financial statements and calculate the data. Thanks to this, Mr. Slim got a personality or bet on the decisions of hazards when grew up later. At the age of 11, Mr
Slim knew to buy the Government and become a shareholder of Mexico's largest bank in 15 years old. 12 years old, Slim tried its business by buying 44 shares of one of Mexico's largest banks for 5,523 pesos. Last time, when Slim entered the high school head, the investment was developed into 31,900.26 Peso. With such a congenital business gifted, grew up in a business family, Carlos Slim Naturally is under trading business. Trade company "La Estrella del Oriente" by Father Son Carlos Slim Business from A to Z, whether it is a book, clothes, soaps, cosmetics, or cigarettes and alcohol. Carlos Slim's business activities grow very quickly. He changed the goods continuously and every time it was once he won big. Need to gradually, both a commercial store system formed. In all areas of the most important buying and selling centers in Mexico, there are stores of Carlos Slim. Carlos was very successful to build a Sanborns restaurant chain. This is Mexico's largest luxury restaurant system and is present in many big cities. In 1990 is considered an important milestone in this billionaire life. At that time, Mexico's state decided to privatize the national telephone and telecommunications company called Telmex, and even completely "blind" technology but Carlos Slim dose all the properties into this mission. Finally, With $ 1.7 billion, Slim bought almost all of the shares of this Group Telmex. The sharpensity and boldness brought him a ruffled family and officially became a business legend or Mexican media boss. 14 years ago when buying 1 shares of Telmex, Slim only spent 0.8 cents. Now the stock price of Telmex on the stock market is 34 USD. At the present time, the value of the whole group was valued by independent auditing companies from 10 to 12 billion USD. In the period of 2011-2013, the Slim billionaire was at the top of the list of rich people The world was voted by Forbes magazine and only lost to Microsoft's founder of Bill Gates in May 2013. Successful experienceAll people who know Carlos Slim all acknowledged the talent as well as the perseverance of the billionaire This. Here are the important personality that has contributed to building the success of the billionaire Carlos Slim do not follow the crowd. "When there is a large wave in the market, some people will lose money and this is the time for us to make money," Slim said. Similar to the lesson of the Julian father, Mr. Slim didn't care what others said about himself but accepted the trend again if something was worth it to bet. The most successful deals of Slim in the cross The 90 year takes place in the context of the country with a lot of instability. Mexico's financial banking system then plunged without braking while a series of businesses closed, the rate of crime rises and people are feeling crisis. However, Mr. Slim was the one who recognized the opportunity when the Mexican economy plunged. There was an irony truth that Mr. Slim's company produced the most advanced cars and cars but the rich man This 4th world does not know how many technologies. "My child gave a laptop on Christmas, but all I knew was pressing the start button," Slim said. It sounds unbelievable n

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