Cars Cost Less Than 550 Million Vnd To Serve Family, Choose Which Vehicle?

At the price of less than VND 550 million, users who buy cars for families can choose urban SUVs, sedans or budget MPVs. With many new products are released, upgrading last time, car segment under 550 Million VND has more options next to some of the A, B models are familiar. At the same time, many models in this price range have also been improved about equipped with comfort and safety, through it more suitable For user groups to buy cars for individuals and families, instead of mainly aiming to trade in transportation services.MG ZS STD price 519 million VND with the cheapest segment, modern design and equipment Using are points for MG ZS to attract customers in the Vietnamese market, especially the young user group, buy a car for the first time and not to pay attention to brand elements, origin or wide-agent agent systems. Other, this is also a rare SUV option in this range

. It is equipped with a stepless automatic gearbox and many safety features that help MG ZS STD better meet the needs of family use. Specifically, cars with ABS / EBD / three, support Pass / Departure Slope, tire pressure sensor, traction control, reversing camera, reverse sensor and 2 airbags. The equipment is considered the advantage of the ZS STD version compared to the same car and taillights LED, Cruise Control, Leather Chair, Pmm2
5 Dust Filter, Smart Key, Start button and 10.1-inch Central Screen Integrated Apple Carplay / Android Auto. Agent system, 1.5L engine (112 horsepower, 150 nm) of MG ZS is also the weakest form of segment. Enough for basic needs, however, the vehicle is not sensitive and can recognize latency. Actual fuel consumption with the need to use a mixture of about 8 liters / 100 km.Hyundai Accent 1.4 AT special price 542 million VND is the most powerful, spacious or durable class B sedan, however Hyundai Accent Still also favorite users thanks to the cheap price, eye-catching design and many other facilities, thanks to a common brand, wide and spiritual agent systems, easy-to-find replacement accessories, Accent is also One of the safety plans at a price of less than 550 million VND. Photo: TC Motor. Exterior and safe and safe equipment, Hyundai Accent is not too outstanding when the highest version has halogen lamps and safety features Basically, it is now popular on many models at the same time as ABS / EBD / Three, controlling traction, electronic balance, horizontal departure support, reversing sensors, reversing cameras and 6 airbags
Change Back, the strength of Accent 1.4 at specials located in comfort with digital clock table, automatic regulating, wind door rear seats, Cruise Control, start button, remote machine explosion feature, Leather chairs and sunlines. About usage space, Accent's rear seats are not spacious by Japanese cars like Toyota Vios or Honda City. Around the foot is comfortable enough while the space on the head is partly cramped with tall people. The car also does not have a rear seat hand. The actual fuel consumption when moving in the city of Accent 1.4 at specials about 10 liters / 100 km - not really economical. When running the road, the car consumes about 5 liters / 100 Ertiga Sport costs 560 million VND, the multi-purpose calculation is a top priority, users can choose some small MPV models like Mitsubishi Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga or Suzuki XL7. However, most MPV samples cost less than 550 million VND are the version using the floor number, suitable for passenger business. In the present time, with incentives from the company and agent, the Suzuki Ertiga Sport version is There are actual prices of about VND 530 million, suitable for users looking for a saving MPV sample of investment costs, fuel consumption, with spacious space in all 3 rows of seats and luggage compartments Applications are highly pragmatic, internal / exterior design, equipped with comfort, safety and operation of Suzuki Ertiga are nothing outstanding, only at the level of basic needs. , Car with halogen headlights, leather steering wheels, muscular felt chairs, regulating muscle adjustments, boot buttons, 10-inch central screen, ABS brakes, electronic balance, horizontal departure and 2 Airbag.The other affordable MPV models, 1.5L (103 horsepower, 138 nm) and 4 AT gearboxes also give enough performance for basic needs. In situations exceeding the highway or passing the pass, slope when carrying enough load, can realize the lack of engine power.

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