Cars Do Not Use Long Days, Should Pull The Hand Brake?

Usually when stopping, parking, the car owner must use the hand brake to keep the car fixed. But according to experts with a lot of car maintenance care experience, do not do that if they have to leave the car for a long period of time.02 / 3: 19 South Vietnamese technical engineering, Nguyen Dang Vinh (Atom - Bridgestone Premium Auto Services) said: If parking for a long time should not use hand brakes because the force from the brake pad on the brake disc continuously makes this area concave again, rough disk surface , Brake is unstable and can be braking when reusing the car. So we can use how to insert wheels instead of using hand brakes. According to professionals, do not use hand brakes if they have to leave the car for a long time

. For cars using automatic automatic numbers It is also possible to let the number in P and do not need to use hand brakes (in conditions of your vehicle pouring in a flat position without crossing the steep). In terms of vehicles you park horizontal slope, you need to insert additional wheels. Because if we do not insert the cake, the load of the car will end up the structure of the P can be causing retirement to the gearbox
In case the car is braking due to the above, it can be overcome by using Normal rubber hammer or hammer but wrapped in the outer thick layer. Conduct tapped and evenly in La-zang as well as a brake disc several times. This impact can help reduce brake phenomenon. The car is not used for a long time can lead to failures, wear and tear so the car owner should note to preserve. Here are some good preservation Best, to help your car operate stably when reused after a long time1. Note that the car for a long time is not used for a long time, the first thing the car owner should note that finding suitable parking. Should parking in tunnels meet safety conditions. If the outdoor parking needs to cover the car to avoid the sun, the rain affects the exterior paint, the plastic details, rubber of the car. Also, clean the car clean, avoid the food, Drinks, objects that are easy to cause explosion in the car. Regularly every week, so it explodes the vehicle to run from 1-2 times, each time within 30 minutes to 1 hour for batteries to work well, not run out Electricity when used after social ways
At the same time, it also helps maintain battery life. In this process, it can take advantage of opening the car to avoid moisture due to a long-term separation, checking the electrical system on the car such as headlights, taillights, XI Nhan, whistle see how good does it work, open the cap capo to see the mouse nest in the car. Tires after a while without moving will also be lost, reduce tire pressure, so pump tires Main and spare tire to the maximum pressure of the recommended from the manufacturer. Also, it is necessary to fill the gas tank to prevent oxidative conditions for fuel tanks, avoiding the condition of precipitation in the fuel tank. , can cause damage to vehicles. Before operating the vehicle after a long time do not use the re-inspection of solutions such as brake oil, machine oil, cooling water. If the loss needs to be added immediately to the brake parts, the engine works effectively, avoiding damage. You should leave the machine to explode about 5-10 minutes so that all systems work stable before moving. During the break, although not using a lot of cars but until the 6-month term after the previous maintenance period, the vehicle owner should still take the car to check because many parts on the car will be tear over time, not according to the number of kilometers Transfer. To ensure the safety you should take the car to the maintenance repair service centers to check the vehicle. Type lightly and evenly enter La-zang as well as a brake disc. This impact can help reduce the brake phenomenon. Then drive in the number D (or No. 1) and then move the station, continue to switch to R. Control the station at a moderate level, avoid the station strong. The above applies to certain knowledgeable people about cars and if not handled the technical care of the car or garage.

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