‘carving’ Of Hyundai Santa Fe Revealed Before The Launch Date, The Beauty ‘overwhelms’ Toyota Fortuner

The rookie SUV spot has just been revealed to be a great threat to the position of Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Fortuner. The new SUV 7-seat Jeep Commander will officially launch the globe on August 26 here in Brazil. While in the Brazilian market, this model will be called Commander, then in India, the Jeep SUV is said to use the name as Jeep Meridian. The moment this 7-seat SUV sample launched the Indian market may be in the middle of 2022.Er the world debut in the next week, the official images of the new SUV 7-seat Jeep sample were revealed Online

. Jeep Commander is basically the three row version of the Jeep Compass model. The car has a massive body and the windows and rear sections stretching. In the front, the SUV owns a 7-nan-specific grille with chrome plated highlights, rectangular LED headlights integrated running lights Daytime DRLS, bumper wide car with greater winds and bonnet with sharp shaping
Featured wheels with newly designed U-shaped shaped wheels, flat roofs, longer rear protruding parts, vertical tails and horizontal LED taillights increase muscle looks for cars . The rear design of Commander is similar to the Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer. The new Jeep Commander Furniture (Jeep Meridian) seems higher than the "An Hem" Compass. About the feature, the new 7-seater SUV will be able to provide a 10.1-inch touch screen infotainment system with the ability to connect wireless smartphones, complete digital clock clock, support Support Amazon Alexa, ventilation chair with high-end wrap, automatic climate regulation, panoramic sunroof and many other features. There are rumors that Commander can be equipped with ADAS (advanced driving support system). The car will be provided with 6 and 7-seat configurations.JEEP Commander (Jeep Meridian) can be provided with Multijet 2.0L, 4-cylinder diesel engines. Oil burners push out a maximum capacity of 200 horsepower
This new SUV can be equipped with a 6-speed transmission or 9-speed automatic transmission. The premium versions of Commander can be provided exclusively with 4x4 drive system. In the global markets, the new 7-seat SUV model will be equipped with a 2.0L diesel engine with a light hybrid technology. The competitors that Jeep Commander will have to deal with Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Fortuner and Honda CR-V.

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