Cassava Powder Dotting Fish Sauce: Strange Play Dish Is Not Everyone Knows

Tea cassava powder or cassava powder stir sugars are familiar dishes. However, cassava powder dotting fish sauce, not everyone knows and has the opportunity to enjoy. The old days, the vital conditions are still difficult, food is not much and varied as now so the players are also very simple. Many times are just grilled sweet potatoes, some cane, boiled beads or less cassava powder with water, adding a bit of sugar and putting it on the kitchen and cooking and stirring well. Cooking sugar or sugar is very familiar In Binh Dinh, there was a very special dish also cooked from cassava powder that cassava powder dotted fish sauce or was called by the name "Wheat flour"

. In the southern cassava cassava is called tubers cassava. So the flour makes this stealing flour, a cassava flour, or cassava flour. This cuisine can be used to eat breakfast or snacks, eat trucks
A cassava powder is triering, each with a pair of chopsticks, gathering and eating and talking and talking to many people is unforgettable memories of many people. Making a simple wheat flour, there are no different with powder Cassava cooked by the North. Cassava flour (wheat flour, cassava flour) put into water, stir the hand to not be deposited. The noodles are a nautom of the childhood dish of many people, especially in the land of Binh Dinh. (Artwork) Next, remove the pan on the stove heated and put it into some oil to prevent the bottom. More bridge, put it in a sliced purple onion. When the oil has boiled, pouring the flour, leaving Liu Riu, stir constantly, evenly. Perhaps, the name of wheat flour (or from the locality is the flour) started from this movement. The person who cooks must be skillful and quickly stirred, the powder is ripening and not burnt. Where is the ripe flour, glue, in veo there, look like a handmade lake of the old student in the past
The delicious spot fish sauce is sufficiently etched without too loose or not too special. Special, flour Attack when eating indispensable fish sauce. Prepare a few garlic cloves, a few chili fruits, put it in a slightly and peeked the mixture. Then make a moderate amount of fish sauce into this chili garlic mixture. Delicious mixing fish sauce is sufficiently intanic without too loose or not too special candy. If "to" more, it is possible to add eggs or grilled eggs to baked into the "substance". Thank you, leaving the powder in the middle of the house, next to a bowl of fish sauce, using chopsticks The flexible powder is still hot, dotting the fish sauce and put it right into the mouth to enjoy it is amazing. Wheat flour, it suddenly became an extremely beautiful, delicious and delicious dish. The fish sauce was still strange with many people, but it was a familiar and long-time dish in Binh Dinh. Only from a simple cassava flour that becomes a dish attached to the childhood of many people, especially the 7X generation, 8x returned first. However, the elderly and children should restrict this food because they eat too much easily and dyspeps. People with diabetes must also be limited because they cannot eat too much starch for a while. Flower (T / H)

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