Cat Phuong – Thai Hoa: Marriage Sister – I Ended After 7 Days Of Wedding

Cat Phuong decided to sign divorce menu after 7 days of weddings but she did not hate but felt grateful for her husband old.0: 00/3: 32 namcat phoenix - Thai Hoa loves each other for 4 years but breaking after a week In addition to the age of 50, Cat Phuong is famous for two love affairs with young people - Thai Hoa and Kieu Minh Tuan. If the love to Kieu Minh Tuan of the actress has lasted 12 years, with Thai Hoa, Cat Phuong goes through a short-end marriage to incredibly: 7 days. Thai Hoa and Cat Phuong know each other at Phu Nhuan stage in A drama session. On the first moment, the actress was attracted to Thai Hoa's charm

. With Cat Phuong, beautiful boys are trivial, bad men but have talents and have a new charm worth paying attention. After that day, they often meet, go to eat, go and surprise one day Thai commotion Cat Phuong: "You, I love you". The phoenix - Thai Hoa loves each other for 4 years but breaks after a week of marriage
Two love for 4 years and welcomes the bomb son born. After giving birth to 10 months, Cat Phuong goes on the flower car with the same 4-year-old junior. When it, Cat Phuong was a female artist with a dense schedule, and Thai Hoa was in the time of creating a name , Usually at home. Causing the lack of attention from her husband, Cat Phuong does not loosen. Marriage conflicts make them decide to sign divorce only after 1 week about one house. After divorce, Cat Phuong and Thai Hoa are still in a house but use two different rooms. By 2006, the new couple officially told everyone to go. Phuong Phoenix - Thai Hoa was with a son of Bom. Patifying a single mother at the age of 37, Cat Phuong experienced many difficulties. She used to mind the despair when I had a problem without anyone on the side: "It was the time I was at home, but I was hospital right in the hospital
At that time I was abroad About, no one signed a paper to perform small surgery for me. I am extremely helpless at that time. "It was also after this, Cat Phuong decided to not accept foreign shows, only received the province and always carrying children Beside boys for convenience, taking care of. Risicking because of a hurried divorce, doing a good friend to take care of the son in 2017, Cat Phuong confused, she regretted to decide for a divorce in a hurry Gold, causing boys without a full family home. In the immediate entry program, actresses acknowledge in the past she is a fast lover, live in a hurry: "I have been happy to live in a hurry . After divorce, I just saw it at that time I was wrong. I advised me, now the time of 4.0, don't rush when I love, think that marriage and calculate. After the marriage broke, I slowed down, whatever Thinking more closely, I was very promoted in the past. "The couple of couples were big and loved by his parents. After a wave of marriage, Cat Phuong still spent a lot of good words to talk about her old husband, she Share: "Thank Thai Hoa for helping me grow up. I brought Thai Hoa debt for a lifetime because he made him hurt too much. "Yes, the two still kept a good friend's relationship to take care of her son. The actress said that she still received support Aids from ex-husbands and regularly praise his success in front of boys. No such, Thai Hoa also has a good relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan - the current boyfriend of Cat Phuong. Female artist confided: " We live very west, what's over, let go, live towards you. Even though he makes me suffering me, I don't hate, saying that we are just not suitable, ". Tell, since Thai Hoa was with his wife and children, he loved his bombs more because he was afraid of his son, said that three new families would abandon me. This made her very happy and touched. "The day before Mr. Tuan Tell me the story of filming with Thai Hoa. The two brothers eat together, Mr. Tuan tells stories about bombs, Thai Hoa hears crying. Mr. Hoa also said that he had Tuan to take care of his son ", Cat Phuong once revealed. Also excited, so far, two men the female son's most admired artists are three Thai Hoa and Uncle Kieu Minh Tuan.pv

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