Catch Trend Create Ancient, Phuong Oanh (flavor Friend) Shows Off Beautiful Photos Overwhelmed

Catching Trend uses extremely hot-art beauty software on social networks, Vietnamese stars are beautifully complimented as 'billion billion'. The most surprise is the image of Phuong Oanh (fallacy of friendship), turning out that actress has taken ancodynamic pictures with many different styles long ago and all impressed with 200:00 / 1: 26 domain NamPhuong Oanh, actress plays a male in the drama TRANSFUL TRANSFER, is the very hot name recently. Any series of moves of Phuong Oanh when she is tossed on a personal page that attracts the individual Special attention of the online community. Not only has a beautiful face, Phuong Oanh also has a body with a sexy curve because it is modeled by a model. HERE, according to Trend Create ancient page is HOT on MXH, Phuong Oanh has released his neck photo set In many different styles

. It is worth noting that if most Vietnamese beauties and Netizen use the software to "transform", this is a picture of Phuong Oanh to shoot a long ago. Transforming from beautiful images to be gentle like " Billionth billionaire ", to luxurious power like a quarter, and then full of strong with the sword like a female journey. This is a photo with the theme of the American Charism, shot For a game More than 2 years ago
The photo set of Phuong Oanh, fans feel extremely unexpected, turning out the beauty of actresses can suit many styles, from modern to the page . Even someone also suggested here, if there is a director who wants to find a beautiful film script to Casting Phuong Oanh.Jeanietheo FBNV

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