Catching ‘terrible’, Rare

Recently, mice-latch fish are considered to be specialty in the river area, because there are very fragrant, delicious meat compared to paper pegs, striped fishes.0: 00/0: 46 namou latter mice with beaded, rare Meet the normal, the big mouse key fish is only about 100-200gr. However, Mr. Nguyen Van Tai (Fishermen who specialize in the Hau River) captured many mouse keys weighing more than half a sign, very rare. This delicious fish in small traders retail at the market at a price range from 250,000 - 300,000 VND / kg, but still chooses to buy in bulk dishes, such as: Khoai Lat, Pepper or sour hotpot

... Years ago, some hatchery in Ho Chi Minh City
Can Tho has purchased fish latches of parents about breeding but failed. Currently, this fish is rare in the Mekong line.Tin, Photo: P.T

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