I was born in the village 'SAVING SAO BA' means the proportion of the Population of the Seminar, Parties (according to God of God) three parts.0: 00/3: 51 South of the church in my village, photo Because the author provided. I was next to the church, often took the church bell to know the time. My villagers say: Let's get up, the church bell is alright or do it, where to go to the afternoon, the church bell is alright. Growing up I asked me: What time do I get a child? The function is the watch of the whole village

. The winter is four/2 and a half is the big bell, five-hour is a small bell and the summer is the big bell, four and a half is a small bell. The big bell is to wake everyone. The little bell is to start holidays
I lie in the warm blanket to tell me me: - What does it get up to get up soon? - There are people, the old grandparents are near the church Still getting up soon the ceremony. Then and I have to wake up soon to spit the tree with you to meet the grandparents who go to the ceremony soon, looking at the church are also more than a dozen people. Although it is small enough to see how their faiths, the two noon is the big bell, a bell and a long-time and a half-dimensional bell is a big bell in the afternoon, the small bell alarms the start of the sixty-dimensional! Ceremony. Which day is late later. Strong holidays, pulling both big bells, bells bing ... bang ..
... bing ... bang ... mixed together, wine, listening Good love. Theat to the song in the song "My village" of the musician's musician: "My green village Bamboo ball, every time the bell, the church bell". The peaceful and so poetic scenery, the church bell spread into the neighborhood, spread to the field, gave out a thing that sounds gentle life. Thank you. The commune does not have schools, one and secondary schools in the church, Dinh Temple and the places of worshiping themselves before. Fortunately, the old days were still difficult to build, we also had a place to study. I was a second and two-year-olds in the church so they were familiar with the bell and knowing all the holidays in the year of the party Catholic. At that day or we were rested, or was returned soon. The church at that time didn't have a father. After Father Hanh Than was a thousand nine hundred and six eight, the church did not have a father. Must be until the years of nine hundred ninety have the father of the ridicule. The bell at the church is grandparents from the ship. I don't know what your husband's true name is, seeing people to call Mr. Tau Ms. Tau. Morning glory, winter, vegetables need. Grandparents Cham particularly young vegetables, long looks delicious, bunch of spinach spread out, the long bunch of young people, bunch of long white vegetables squeezed through the slope.rau brought to the market soon, people fighting bought it. She didn't have a child, accepted the child to be adopted. The church gave him a small time right next to the stone cave to stay. Through the rainwater in the house with the rainwater inspired by the stone, so sweet and cool very. Floods Our students play a lot of thirsts running into his grandparents' houses with coconut shells down to the tanks to bring them to their mouths, sometimes they couldn't say the sentence to let him drink, but he didn't say anything. I remember for a long time for a long time, I didn't rain the water for the water because the students drink well. The bells pulled the bell, squeezed the two bells on each other and threw it to the high, but sometimes the generals are still naughty. Down and steal "deck" one hour. He took the stick from the house to ran out, we were afraid to sell live to sell die, but for a long time, still pulled the bell. Thinking back to the best of the demons. But no one dares to pull the small bell because the bell is small in addition to the ceremony is pulled up when there are Catholic people died. Men died newspapers, nine-language women, so even the most cheeky generals did not dare to touch the small bell. This went to school, sometimes home still heard the sound of the church steadily And then don't remember when he had returned to the Lord when. The original leaders kept living with such a deep faith.

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