Caught Because Livestream Threatened To Bomb The American National Assembly Library

This man has livestream on Facebook for many hours on the US National Assembly Library Bombing Plan of the National Assembly. The form of direct playback on Facebook. By noon on August 19, the Facebook team disabled his account. This man broadcasted directly when his car parked right in front of the American National Assembly Library in Washington DC. He warned that the car would explode if there was any invasion efforts

. Police arrested suspects after negotiating for 5 hours. The truck was suspected of being suspected of having bombs. Photo: Ap
Vuay after the threat, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone announced that they removed the account of this person from this social networking platform and Instagram. "Technical team is contacting force Examination. We will try to remove all the false spokes of suspects, "Stone shared.Nghi started Livestream while driving to the US National Assembly Library at 7:30. The video was removed to 13h. The trial will definitely make Facebook to review the ability to detect and handle dangerous contents, especially offense. After the shocking shooting aimed at dozens of Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, Facebook insists that they are trying to prevent violent acts. The movie of the suspect has been spread widely. On social networks in the morning of August 19. He wants to call with US President Joe Biden on behalf of Afghan people
In addition, the suspect said on the car having a bomb can be detonated with sound. If the police use a gun, the bomb will explode immediately. The police force in the American Congress is mobilized to the scene. Photo: Politico.Politico Review the action engine of this person may be related to the US government's withdrawal decision in Afghanistan. The police in the US Congress and some other agencies are investigating the authenticity of the settlement This explosion. The threat of suspects has caused some parliamentary buildings to evacuate. Finally, the police only found a number of devices "capable of making explosives" in the car and declaring the entire safety area. After 5 hours of stress, the suspect is defined as Floyd Ray Roseberry Arrested.Facebook can identify very fast sensitive content in the post. However, the Livestream sessions like this may be in the blind point of the censorship system. In order to quickly identify the content of violations on Livestream to combine intellectual technology and human resources. POLITICO

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