Causes And Ways To Overcome Overturned Automotive Engines

Excessive car engine is a serious problem, causing danger to vehicles and users when using long-term vehicles and no measures to remedy in time.0: 00/3: 02 namthuns Operating automobile engine moves on long journey for hours of non-stop hours, hot weather conditions ... can cause water in automotive cooling water to exceed 100 degrees Celsius, causing boiling phenomenon Water

. If the driver does not pay attention that continues to run cars, it may cause the car to break or seriously affect the machine, water tank, mechanical deformation, broken cooling plumbing, reducing Life of the car, dragging high maintenance costs. Overheating motor cars are a serious problem, endangering vehicles and users according to experts' driving experience, overheating phenomenon Out by one of the following causes: Outdoor temperature is too high, no wind blowing or car is looking down the wind. The car moves continuously for a long time that must climb long slopes Nutrays
Leakage of water leaks makes the cooling water deficiency according to the manufacturer's requirements. CU-ROA pulls the wind impeller and slapped water tank. Water pump is leaked or unusual. Lubricating the engine is deficient, or too much needed, or the viscosity is no longer satisfactory. The airburm is false adjustment, especially the gasoline level in the fuel tank, causing the mixture to fire too light or too pink. The ignition point in the spark plug is adjusted too slowly. On the surface of the combustion chamber is excessively charged, hindering the radiator process. Season transfer point, the car is not fully implemented Seasonal nursing in the right regulation. Handle when automotive motor is overheating in the current cars, the specifications of the following technical parameters have helped the driver detects the engine being overheating and need to fix it now . The red thermometer icon will appear when the car is overheated, has lived the water below
The driver needs to stop immediately, if trying to run seriously, it will seriously affect the related parts. After discovering the engine is overheated, the driver immediately finds a safe stop car into the margin Road after discovering the engine is overheated, the driver immediately finds a safe stop, rushing into the margin and turns on the emergency light to other means to recognize the car you are going to malfunction and avoid catching up Time to check the first motor, should open the bonnet and wait about 5-10 minutes so that the entire heat overload is exited and then started testing the engine. After seeing the engine cooled down, checking the water tank by opening it, waiting for the heat to escape and open it. Absolutely should not be opened immediately because boiling water in a very easy to shoot on his hand, causing burns. When the cooling water is not enough, then add water to this department so that it can continue to operate. However, the car case stops the absent areas, it's hard to have water so it is always necessary to prepare a water bottle to prevent it in every situation. Water usage is only a temporary emergency plan, after going to garage repair or home, the car owner needs to wash water bottles and use specialized cooling water to avoid clinging, damaging the system Cooling, you can also check the radiator fan, if it doesn't work very well due to a problem brush or a problem. But in dozens of true bridges will be difficult to find the probability of the blower. The fast handling is to withdraw other aims of other trends instead of that location so that the car can continue. In order to avoid unfortunate situations that occur when moving on the road, the vehicle owner should regularly maintain the vehicle, carefully care if it does not want a vehicle or damage, avoid affecting your journeys. By thu ha, 1 hour ago

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