Celebration Helps Change Each Person’s Life

Adversity is an inevitable part of life. The facial way will be the factor that determines the story of each person 9: 00/4: 04 nougay namngay on the first day of the school year, Ms. Thompson - Class 5 homeroom teacher - lied to his students. She said she loved the same children but the truth wasn't so, because sitting in the top of the head chair was the little boy named Teddy Stoddard. Observe Teddy from last year and noticed that the boy was not in harmony Friendly with other friends, clothes are scandal and the body is lacking

. In addition, Teddy is not a cute child. Therefore, she didn't have much sympathy with this student. He walked from simple things
Photo: HQ. Over the pain lost Mother's request of the school, the homeroom teacher must review the transcript before the previous years of the students, and she is really surprised to watch the school's transcripts of Teddy. One of Teddy wrote: "Teddy is a gentle boy and always laughing. I have a good learning attitude and do a lesson. Teachers and friends are happy to be in the next to me ". Class of the second class recorded:" Teddy is an excellent student and is loved by your friends, but I have trouble because my mother is seriously ill. My family is also lacking hundreds of surdendents ". Class Three classes:" The pain lost her heavily affected me. I tried to overcome, but my father didn't care much about the children ". Class four commented:" Teddy is an indifferent boy and does not focus on learning
At school, I don't have a lot of friends and often fall asleep in the class ". Come here, Miss Thompson has understood the problem and feels ashamed with himself. She always thought about it every time to class. Christmas that year, the students in the class gave her the gifts packed in the luxurious paper layer with a lovely bow, except Teddy with a clumsy gift package with thick brown paper for groceries How many other gifts, Ms. Thompson carefully opened the brown gift package first. Some students laughing when she saw Teddy's gift was just a ring with a diamond and perfume jars to run out. She immediately signaled the children to silence and then simply praised the beautiful ring, then a little Perfume on wrist. That day, Teddy deliberately stayed together to tell Ms. Thompson a sentence, "she used this perfume to remind me of her mother." After all the children left, Ms. Thompson sat alone in class and quietly Crying for a long time. Since that day, in addition to teaching the children to learn, writing and do math, she began to care and paid attention to her student, especially Teddy. She discovered a very smart, bright boy . The more encouragement, the more progressive you are in learning. At the end of the school year, Teddy was in the group of students with the highest grade. Her annual statement is still a lie because she doesn't love the same students, but now Teddy is the most cute student. Ma can also make a difference in other people's life , she found Teddy's letter stuffed under the door, in the letter writing she was the best teacher he had ever met. The next year, she received another letter from Teddy. He announced he had graduated from high school, ranked three in the class, and she was always the best teacher he had ever met in his life. The story of the teacher Teddy and the teacher Thompson encouraged the spirit Many people rise in life. Photo: Jenniefitzkee. Bad year later, another letter was sent to Ms. Thompson. In the letter, Teddy confided that despite the difficult circumstances, he still decided to pursue his studies and was about to graduate from the University University. It said Miss Thompson was still the best teacher I've ever met. And a letter was sent to the address of Her Thompson's house with the conflict that he decided to study higher. She is still the great teacher you most. This time, the signature at the end of the letter was longer: Medical doctor Theodore F. Stoddard. Everything has not stopped there. In the spring of that year, Teddy wrote to Ms. Thompson to tell him about to get married. Teddy's father died a few years ago so he invited Ms. Thompson to sit in the spot for the groom's mother in the wedding. Have fun agreeing that offer. She came to the wedding with a bracelet that was discovered with rhinestones and used some day perfumes to remember Teddy to remember about his late mother.Hai touched her hugging each other. Dr. Stoddard whispered: "Thank you very much for your trust for you. She helped me realize the value of yourself to know that I can make a difference in your life. "She Thompson is tearful and replied:" Not Teddy, I'm the one who teaches you to know you Can make a difference in other people's life. She didn't know what the true teacher until she met me. "Many author / First News and Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House

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