Ceo Dang Thi Bac – Coming Soon The Cerabe Spa Franchise Chain

The businesswoman Dang Thi Bac is currently CEO / Chairman of the Board of the Board of International Joint Stock Company Baek Jo Vietnam, Korean Cosmetic Brand Lily Lala. With good qualifications, 5-year work experience In Korea with the motto "do what you want to become", she brought the company constantly developing, perfecting, creating a sustainable overall strength. with the goal of desire all women Female Touching Hands to Beauty Products, Beauty Services, Businesswoman Coming to Launch Spa Franchise Chain Cerabe.Ceo Dang Thi Bac - Coming soon SPA Cerabecerabe franchise chain is a franchise chain Spa, providing beauty services and skin care. With the brand philosophy of "regenerating skin", professional therapists are providing the best service for each customer so they feel the skin of They are reborn as initially

. We will always consider the beauty of women as the biggest value, and as an expert on life and beauty Women's, we will become a partner in creating a healthy beauty.Cerabe spa launches with the mission to bring our customers with a quality beauty experience with full service. With a modern and luxurious style architecture, with a team of experts, experienced technicians, carefully selected, customers will enjoy a relaxing space also As the perfect service inCerabe Spa
Cerabe SAP with modern European-style space to create its own difference, Cerabe Spa constantly researches the most effective treatment products, suitable for The skin of Vietnamese people, constantly learning to lead the trend and business by listening to the customer's voice and turning the annoyance of customers into emotions. In the future, beyond the spa range Vietnam's leading facial care, we will develop into a global spa brand. Cerabe Spa's desire is, accompanying the woman in the "reborn skin" journey.

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