Ceo – Dr. Khuc Phuong Thuy Led In The Field Of Training – Technology Transfer To Pink-deep Treatment For Women

If the 'The shortest path to the heart of the man is going through the stomach', the 'most durable path to keep the fire fire is a secret ". Because in fact, the spiritual life is really an important factor to help married and sustainable marriages. Near 20 years in the spa, aesthetics, Dr. Khuc Phuong Thuy also is the Director of Machining Factory and Cosmetic Garden Cosmetics Vietnam's reliable addresses of many spas, aesthetics, and cosmetic units. Cosmetic Garden owns a variety of technologies in the field of skin care and treatment such as: regenerating skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, melasma, freckles, especially the technologies for pinkliness, the No16 - Nupink 2021

. Beautifying a closed place for women is now extremely hot, is a problem that many women are interested in and in need, so in the market appear a lot of technology and Pink emulsion products floating, unknown origin. Many centers carry the academy spontaneously rising, with sophisticated tricks to hit the beliefs and pain of customers who are profiteering, making guests spa owners, aesthetics and customers with disabilities, consequences It is not like that. With the German medicine of a doctor, it wishes all sisters to use technology as well as the most safe and pink product
Dr. Khuc Phuong Thuy decided to train and transfer medical standards to completely free to all spa, aesthetic owners, cosmetic units ... Advantages of technology, NUPINK16 products: - Cleaned At the root, bright colors, beautiful nature.- Rejuvenating from deep inside, confidently close to your partner.- Helps to support improvement of wrinkles, lumpy.- Safety, does not affect the milk line .- Effective increase in time - non-surgical, non-invasive, do not leave scarring is the great thing that nupink16 brings. Coming with the NUPINK NUPINK technology absolutely safe by Cosmetic Garden is always strict In choosing raw materials, origin of origin clearly, ensuring safety for users
The team of doctors, pharmacists, highly experienced pharmaceutical chemical engineers experienced, providing the most optimal recipes of Korean technology production line with standard Cosmetic Garden products are assessed Health, published and full legal documents before reaching customers. And special thing, customers are always tested effectively and the safety of the product before putting into use. Proud in the field of training and technology transfer, Dr. Khuc Phuong Thuy wants all women to be perfectly beautiful, and happy in family life. There are many reasons leading to a closed place Darkness. Because of birth, genetics, or due to the process of living, giving birth ... Sisters are supported for treatment, regaining emotions and sexy confidence in love with their lovers. There are many ways to beautify: - Pink surgery: Pain, risk of loss of chest feeling, affecting the milk line, leaving scars, very difficult to remove. - Pink tattoo spray: Emulsion is Increasing pigment or uneven, susceptible to inflammatory diseases caused by non-sterile needle. - Laser: Not all cases made with laser projection are completely colorful. Can cause burning pain and loss of chest feeling. Display of the disadvantages of the above methods, Cosmetic Garden has worked efforts and released products - Technology The No16 - Nupink. Helps to knock on dark pigments, replace new clothes for "pink buds more charming" with steps completely simple, not expensive time,

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