Challenge The Afghan Fin 1 Week After The Taliban Controls Power

Taliban is facing many challenges. That's how to get international recognition, regain the confidence of people without losing your members according to hard ways. Try to send pictures of another Taliban, with Committed to promoting peace and covering, but the skepticism remains. The protests spread to the capital of Kabul, forcing the armed group to fire to disperse.Taliban parade on the street in Qalat, Zabul Province on August 19

. Photo: REUTERSTALIBAN celebrates the National Day of Afghanistan with a declaration that defeated the US after gaining control of the country, committing to revenge those who work for the old government and will restore security, as well as Living normal for the country after decades of war. However, many Afghan people are still worried about the return to the period of Taliban's galaxy in the late 1990s. The protests spread to Kabul capital
A witness said it was shooting, but it seemed that the Taliban members only shot only. Although the Taliban took control of almost all of the country, some opposing characters still announced the fight to the end, decided not to recognize the Taliban as a legal leader. Besides efforts to find a transfer Live and recognition of internationally, according to Washington Post, Afghanistan is still facing many problems, such as drought, Pandemic Covid-19, a serious day of poverty, budget exhaustion, much The relief agency stops working ... According to the Afghan central bank, the Taliban will only have the right to approach a small part of the country's 9 billion USD of international reserves. Most of the money are located in US banks and recently built by President Joe Biden government. United Nations also warns the risk of a major humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Eri Kaneko, Deputy Phat The UN Secretary-General, said: "The United Nations Development Program has warned, the vortex of conflict, uncertainty, droughts and pandemic can be dangerous to play achievements Fragile development, including the rights of women and Afghanian girls. Humane emergency is taking place due to the paralysis of state institutions
Afghan people need to be developed and supported more humane than ever ". Milting instability and fear of the rule of the Taliban, thousands of Afghan people are trying to run away from the country. After a chaotic start in which everyone rushed to the runway and some cling to the aircraft taking off, the US military is strengthening evacuation activities. According to Major General Hank Taylor, there are enough aircraft to bring 5,000-9,000 people to leave Afghanistan every day. Joe Biden is committed to holding the US military in Afghanistan until every American is evacuated, though it means With the possibility of missing the withdrawal time on August 31. Mr. Biden acknowledged that this is one of the most difficult evacuses in history and he couldn't guarantee the final result. "This is one of the most difficult, most difficult visionaries in history. We have ensured the airport security, allowing the restoration of non-military flights, but also civilians, as well as flights from other countries and non-governmental organizations to receive civilians and those Afghanistan is vulnerable, "Biden stressed. It can be said that the events in the past few days have created a chaotic ending for the last 20-year US efforts and allies to defeat the Taliban And bringing Afghanistan into a democratic country, stable. There is still too early to evaluate whether the Taliban is really a progressive force, more harmonious than the version of 20 years ago, Song Taliban also The difference has been shown. According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, the Taliban's biggest concern is to be recognized as it is. Therefore, what the international community needs to do is the most solidarity to use this to make the Taliban lever to establish a government because everyone, respect human rights, do not let Afghanistan be a place to use terrorism , as well as continuing to ensure safe and orderly evacuation process ./. Thu Hoai / VOV1 General

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