Cham Father Is Not With Her Care

From the day of his mother, his brother to study abroad, Lan convinced her husband and asked her parents to stay in the same father to take care of the condition. The first time he was very happy, but gradually seemed insecure. This morning early saw her father walking out the park, but the coat left to the house, so Lan rushed to bring her father to the park for him, Lo him with colds.0: 00/2: 09nam namdi Nearly the whole park, Nhac Nhac seems to find him wearing a strange shirt, sitting in the chairs away from a woman. It was about to make a fuss, but then Lan only stood still at far away

. They seemed very romantic, happy laughing, differently at home, father kept a mistake like a shadow. Continue to investigate, it was known that the other woman was 56 years old, he was 14 years old and more lan 12 years old, widowed, being with her son and daughter-in-law. Logo started asking him, frustrating he was fierce: - Dad has the right to have you, forbid a mixture
It is a whole week father and son "war cold". Thinking she was too worthwhile, confided to her husband, he also supported her father. The water spillway was spreading the time to leave the work soon to work, I caught the other at my house, just from toilet , hair is still wet. She made a llarm, she didn't say anything, and he was extremely angry, chasing her away from home.Lan found his husband and wife of her son, they just quietly said: - My mother is hard Now I want to do anything to be happy that I supports. To clarify Italy, they added: - But who insulted my mother, will have to pay expensive prices. Losing, they have a lot of together. , her husband spreads water for his father and wife, but he doesn't eat, only gently says: - I thank you, but my husband and children should go to the other party to let my father take care of themselves. , the father called his wife and spread to say: - Dad are alert and complained, if they keep rape forever, I will commit suicide for you to see, to reorganize life, have 3 days to think and move out of the house. At the right 15 hours 20 minutes, 18
3 was the expiry of the deadline. Like a hammer hit a head, stunned! "I was too desirable? Who worries about your father better than me? "That's, there's no other way, the couple spreads silently and the children moved in the stress and sadness. It was two years ago, Peace became again. Ms. Snow has become a Mother of Lan.Price of the sister's story to know himself, so that you are in the same situation, refer to the story.

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