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The remaining difficult towers are not much but still historical evidence of a unique architectural art of the Cham Ngon.00pm: 00/4: 22 South Central Vietnam has about 50 Champa Temple temples , the most "young" towers also have a life of 500-600 years, have a tower to thousands of years old. This is a religious religious architectural product of the Cham people, living in the South Central region, which is characterized by Hindu architecture). If the temple is antenna, fly-on .

.. in Cambodia or other divine temples in Indonesia, in India is usually made of stone, the turtling tower is made of dark red bricks taken from local land, over The time so far is still red with fresh, on the outer wall on the outside of the walls, shaping the flowers, birds, dances, the divine, meticulously. Multi-kind Cham is built on tops High hill, each phrase 3 to 6 towers
Each cluster always has a main tower to worship Shiva - the person with the ultimate rights in the religion. The main tower of the Cham people called Bimong has a door always towards the east - the sunrise and the shelter of the gods according to the Cham concept. Inside the main pyramid is very narrow, enough to set the Linga - Yoni and to die very hard to perform ceremonies. Only the times when doing the main main tower ceremony was opened, the remaining time of the tower always had to close. Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province. This is a combination that includes many Cham Pa temples in a valley of about 2 km, surrounded by hills. The Holy Land was a place where the sacrifice of Cham Pa dynasty as well as the tomb of the Cham kings, the Royal Hard, the country liked. My Son is considered one of Hindu's main temple temple centers in Southeast Asia, and is the only heritage of this genre in Vietnam. With that, the little cake tower in Binh Dinh is famous With 8 relic clusters of 14 towers, spread over three districts of Tay Son, An Nhon, Tuy Phuoc and Quy Nhon City. The tower clusters are built apart and revolve around the table (now the emperor in Nhon Hau, An Nhon)
Most towers are built from the 10th century. Features of tower clusters here are patterns, stone reliefs decorated on door arches. The reliefs carved dancing dances, Silva gods, Ganesa with stone; UMA goddess statue, Bronze Bhama Statue. Poklong Garai in Ward Do Vinh, Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, 5 km northwest of the city center. The tower was built on the top of the hill at the end of the 13th century, the beginning of the 14th century to commemorate Poklon Giarai, the king had a public in led and downstream. The population of the tower currently has 3 towers is the gate tower, the fire tower and the main tower (when construction is 5 towers). The main tower is higher than 21 m, each with a long side of 10 m, including 4 floors, the upper floor is smaller than the lower floor, the end of a stone Linga. Ponagar. As one of the architectural populations belonging to the most sized Cham Pa culture remaining in the Central region. The tower is built from the 12-13 centuries. Ponagar Tower is a temple located on the top of a small hill about 50 meters high over the sea level. Ponagar's overall architecture consists of 3 floors, away from the bottom to top. On the low floor, cross the ground is the gate tower that is now no longer available. There are stones with stones leading to the middle layer. The middle layer is called Mandapa (ie the guest house, a remuneration house) for pilgrims to rest, prepare a ceremony. The top floor is where the towers are located in the peak of Mount Nhan, Tuy Hoa city and the typical image of Phu Yen province tourism. Looking from afar, the mountain is very similar to the shape of the swelling bird. The tower was erected from the time of Nguyen Hoang from 1578-1580. The architecture of the tower consists of 3 parts but according to the concept of the caregivers of the mundane, spirituality and divine spirits. Through volatility and time, the tower is damaged quite a lot. However, the patterns on the tower are still sharp, demonstrating the qualifications of the true architecture of the ancient people. Share techniques to build Temple Temple of Cham people, Mr. Ngo Van Doanh - Southeast Asia Research Institute, Member of the National Cultural Heritage Council said that Cham PA is the "master of brick art". Because brick architecture works, longevity lasts a century. But the Temple of Cham Pa is now there are now 700-800 hundred years, even more than 1,000 years. We look at the temple towers, clearly see people built with bricks, but we feel like the middle The bricks have no vasculars, taking the breaking in the area, they cannot spend the construction circuit. On those tiles walls, people touched patterns, people are very delicate. Techniques to build such successes, touching tiles, probably only Cham Pa Temple in Vietnam, Southeast Asia are not available, even in the world.

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