Chamqon Khanh Hoa Capital: Wait For Traders

Only less than 2 months left to Lunar New Year, but the air traded in the 'Chrysanthemum' of Khanh Hoa was different from all years. Due to the influence of Covid-19 translation, the trader has not yet come here to buy mastery of chrysanthemum expectations in anxiety, low ratdy.0: 00/4: 40 years of the southern region of Luong Thi My Defense must go to check, Removing the leaves for each potted flower of Ninh Giang (Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province) is considered "Chamqon Khanh Hoa capital", which provides hundreds of thousands of daisies for provinces in the southern region Was every year. This year due to Covid-19 epidemic, many households in Ninh Giang do not dare to grow flowers, the remaining households only dare to grow the number of chrysanthemum with 1/2 compared to previous years. Tran Quoc Dung is plugging in Bamboo for the garden pots

. Photo: Thuc Hien is determined to stick with the cultural as a chrysanthemum, Ms Luong Thi My Defense (42 years old, in Phong Phu 2 street group, is renting land in Phong Chau street, Ninh Giang ward) said: every year , her family planted from 500 - 600 pots, but this year due to Covid-19 epidemic, she only dared to grow 200 flower pots to keep career. According to Ms. Defense, the whole cost of planting flowers from pots of pots of pots, varieties and feces is increased
Her whole flower garden was having a leg blank (the body near the roots of the leaves), so the drug was even heavier. "From the beginning of the season, I feared that Covid-19 translation would affect the export of Tet flowers, now I'm even more worried because the epidemic situation is still complicated but the flowers are even difficult to ask. buying. At this time, the previous year had a deposit, this year I have not received any phone call of the trader, "Sister guard sighed. Behavior, Mr. Tran Quoc Dung (in Phong Phu 2 Street, Ninh Giang Ward ) The previous year only planted 1,200 pots, he planted to 1,500 flower pots. "I planted more flowers because of Covid-19 outbreaks at the beginning of the crop, I Dinh Ninh until the end of the year of the epidemic would be controlled. But until now, only 2 months left, I really worry that flowers don't sell it. This flexible season cumulates all costs, I spend less than 80 million VND. Everyday to take care of flowers, I can only know hope from now until the sickness of the epidemic falls to me as well as the relatives in Ninh Giang, "Mr
Dung said. Also according to Dung, the households grown in the field Ninh Giang ward arrived in the first day in July for plants in the pots, but stages like nursery seeds, casting and splitting bamboo made the pile had to be prepared in February, so it seems that all five children have to take care in the garden Flowers, unable to do anything else. When the flower buds, the garden houses have to hire more workers to choose a lot of expensive buds. If the goods are not sold, the money is pouring out as well as the effort of cultivating the whole year as a cup. "Depending on the transformer" according to the reporter's observation, the daisies in Ninh Giang ward are entering the trim Branch and plug bamboo shaped trees. The relatives here are trying to take care of them well to have the flower pots, big, yellow and gaining the best quality for the demand for flowers. However, up to this point there are no passengers to see flowers and put the number so she has not known the price of the price. Production and trading and trading in chrysanthemum seed established in 2015. Before 2020, each year households produced about 150,000 types of flower pots of all kinds, mainly omniscistic chambers and crystal daisies. Total revenue of each crop is about VND 13 billion, after deducting investment expenses for flower people to collect interest is about VND 6 billion. In 2017, the National Office of Intellectual Property (dependent of the Ministry of Science and Technology) issued a certificate of collective trademark "Hoa Cuc Ninh Giang". Dong Phan Sang - Chairman of the Farmers of Ninh Giang Ward, said: in advance The situation of Covid-19 complex movements, Hoa Cuc Ninh Giang village before 147 grown households, this year only 90 households clinged to ... The number of flower pots also decreases from 150,000 pots to about 25,000 pots. "Although the number of flowers is not much, the provincial market does not consume all, only the HCMC market is mainly but before the serious influence of the translation for the field of transporting goods and services and outputs Items will be difficult. Chrysanthemum is not an essential commodity so this year's purchasing power will definitely fall, "he said. However, flower-growing households in Ninh Giang have also been planned without buying merchants, relatives will hire flower cars to sell in neighboring provinces such as: Dak Lak, Gia Lai and Ho Chi Minh City ... case The situation of more stressful translation and flowers are not allowed to transport provinces and relatives who are expected to retail localities in the province with cheaper prices. Supporting garden houses for promotion of products of Huynh Khac Dat - Vice Chairman Ninh Giang Ward People's Committee, said: "The amount of flowers planted this year this year is not much, if you encounter the worst case, do not carry it in other provinces, it is still capable of consuming in Khanh Hoa province. Wards will propagate and promote in village vehicles

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