Change The Method Of Buying Foreign Currency

This is the decision of the State Bank when changing the method of buying foreign currency from the 6-month term to buy and sell delivered immediately.00: 00/0: 59 narrays illustrated. Then, with the method of buying foreign currency Immediately, if the credit institution performs the transaction today, after 2 days, after 2 days will receive money from the State Bank, different from the purchase of the term to be after 6 months of the new transaction received money. Body, the current price of foreign currency is 22,750 VND / USD, down 225 VND compared to the previous week's purchase of the previous week. From experts, this shows the flexibility in the administration of the bank's monetary policy State goods, in accordance with the market's volatility according to the trend of loosening money

. It is estimated that it will have about VND 40,000 billion from a foreign currency purchase contract with 6-month term will maturity, continue to flow into the market School in this August. More information from the State Bank, the liquidity of the system is quite abundant when after Tet, banks do not need to access lending channels through the mayor Open OMO of the State Bank, because in the bidding sessions through open markets, no credit institutions have bidding.LS

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