Change The Way To Eat To Aging Away From You

Changing a little diet is that you can 'freeze' age IS0: 00/2: 16 Southern men, just adjusting your diet is also a way to maintain the beauty of the faction Nice.1. Anti-"sugar" In recent years, "anti-line" is very common, the main purpose is to reduce production of AGE (final product of sugar process) in the body. Age is the substance created by the combination of too many sugars and proteins. It will not only cause aging but also cause blood vessels, which is the number 1 culprit leading to aging and chronic diseases

. Collagen sugar process in the skin will also increase a lot of AGE leading to wrinkle and darkening formation. Therefore, just adjust your daily eating habits and lifestyle and preventing Age's rise can help delay the skin aging process and prevent bad skin. Drinking more vitamins A, C, Engines for anti-line, you can also consume more foods containing vitamins A, C, E such as vegetables and fish to help skin fight oxidation
Vitamin A rich foods include eel, carrots, spinach and billiards; Vitamin C is green and orange fruits and vegetables; Vitamin E includes nuts, broccoli, mango, kiwi, v.v.3. Eat consistent oils that are afraid of eating oil-containing food for fear of weight gain but oil is one of the necessary nutrients for the human body. Not eating oil will make dry skin and fast wrinkles appear more. So eat healthy oils appropriately to replace it. Replacing white rice with brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, nutritional value is higher than white rice, bread and pasta, not only soothes the stomach and intestines but also beneficial for the skin, helping to fight against him . Feeding brown rice can also help control the weight. The nutritional value of brown rice is higher than white rice, can also help fight aging.5
Eating a little vinegar per day can adjust sugar absorption and helps inhibit the increase in blood sugar. Drink some vinegar every day or add vinegar to food that will help prevent dull skin. Do not drink lemon juice in the morning whether lemon contains vitamin C but lemon also contains a "psoralen" that sensitizes the light that makes the skin especially easily absorbs ultraviolet rays, easily causing pigmentation, darkness or dull color. So try not to drink lemonade in the morning. In addition to lemon, lemon, grapefruit, orange, celery, coriander ... also contains psoralen, it is also to avoid eating these foods in the morning. Contains "psoralen" optical stimulants, best not to drink morning.moon / according to ettoday

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