Charity Workmanship

ROLF DOBELLI in the book 'artistic thinking art', asking questions that with many people who are praying is 'just to wearing my ego'? I also wondered myself, is with a volunteer call and a terrible amount of money easier to take, whether the artists have been and are doing a job that they lack workmanship? 0: 00/2: 34 NAM to create a fund Charitical specializes in specific fields, such as child sponsoring, child talent support, help people in flood disasters, heart surgery, or annual scholarships, ... will be different from excited individuals Mobilize a cash register, then busy keepups in your account, or tossing the raw "Lump" to the acquaintance for what they want to do. Or bring out to play for money, less thick thin depending on the emotions

. As the way that no famous artists of us have been doing. They may come from the true mind, and his compatriots are facing disasters and disasters. But the most frequent emotions also flip quickly, the main part of the organization, skills and compliance with the laws often left open without any specific programs and plans
There are people who have "Damners Pariettle ", what they can't expect. So it is so new to claim the statement, the strange story is only in Vietnamese charity. When in principle a copper must also show a book with the state. But the diagnosis of the money, how can we talk about major charitable funds developed by the billionaires and world celebrities. About the strategy of performance and efficiency on their global scope. Along with many humanitarian models are unrelated to money. Formand, this person is just a way to pay the rented room that the Earth has given them for free, with others to be human rights. For charity as the opium of those with privileges, Chinua Achebe - Nigerian writer, who is considered "Nelson Mandela in literature" said that the actual solution is in a world that charity becomes no need Set. It means towards no injustice to be able to ban charity. Where is that world, when to come? No one lived long enough to wait for the answer
In the back of my land, the left side was also full of charitable players with formidable "workmanship". Specializes in collecting unfortunate circumstances, tears to get money to collect money into their own accounts, and then who knows "Ma eat". From the "Doctor" group being investigated, came to countless complaints about spontaneous charitable groups with many signs of allusion. Now Kunshan storms landed into the middle. Storm husband translated. Chat remembered the statement of the artists, that the flood storm also wore, would "cach" nothing more charity! Not because of the lack of help, this person will have others to go to hand. The people are thousands of years, and the buds bump. But sour more bitterly, it shows the mind of the upper person, bargaining in the meaning of the "people of the public". At the same time the charity story with the implications, lesions from it was forced to change.

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