Chased After 7 Seconds On The Yard, The Player Still Laughed Huhhhhwen

Although it was chased after only 7 seconds on the yard, Striker Serge Djiehoua was confusing when she was still 'laughing like a season' when leaving the field. / Source: MXH This funny situation takes place in the match between Gylfadas with Olympiakos Volos in the rated Olympiakos 2 Greece, according to the movement, 82 minutes, Gylfadas's Serge Djieouha striker was released to help the Club enhances public goods while losing 1-3. However, right after delivering the ball, Djiehoua had a dispute situation with the opponent. The dispute is too rude, the referee quickly cut the horn to blow the fine and withdraw the red card to chase the visitors' striker. In total, this striker appeared on the field of less than 7 seconds

. Get a red card too quickly, Djiehoua was surprised to the referee's decision but still laughed happily when he left the field. Finally, Olympiakos Volos with advantages over people who won the final 4-1.A Linh (TH)

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