Chasing His Wife And Saw His Father And He Led His Daughter Back, The Guy’s Dancing Guy On His Face, But His ‘never’ Was Later Really Made Him

'My husband saw his father-in-law led his daughter back, the warped off the thought he was afraid he was raised by her husband to rush to the house like that ...', the wife said. First of any woman will see his self-esteem damaged

. Newly here, a young wife has entered the private group of the sisters of the sisters to confide the confession: "The thought of her husband is very difficult, at the time Every time he got a big loan man, the housekeeper's house was all over his wife. I hate the most of my husband at the gathering of alcohol beer. One month calculating it for no few days he doesn't drink
Bored Pulling you home to catch a wife and cooks served. My husband considered it a duty, obliged a wife to do. Finish your friends to lift your buttocks, having the tendency to vomit to go home, I will move my husband Rice is so drunk, then rolled out to sleep. Because of this, how many times and don't know how many times. However, even if my husband doesn't even get wrong. I even declare that I have a wife I was forced to accept it Distraction ". The sharing of the wife's wife said, from the marriage day, she had never a feeling that her husband shared the worries in life. This makes her tired, the marriage is like a burden. Her husband is always irresponsible. You just need to know how to work as a wife must have sweet flexible rice for her husband
I was sick, she had to pour the service, showing the role of the liability for his gentle but when she was sick to wear his wife. "The weekend last day I was tired, my head was still right Go to the market to make you call you to call you. Although I said sick, I didn't ask if I didn't ask, a squid to arrest his wife to do it. I suppressed it to make me like to cook, don't pull each other. As British blushing Challenge: '1 is that she wakes up to the cooking market, 2 is a quail out of the house. This guy does not accept the type of couple saying. , Catching the car too. He saw that call to my parents, the wife always warned that if the grandparents did not teach the daughter, he banned the door to return to the son-in-law. Quiet for a moment and told me to follow him home. Foreigner is only 4km from my husband and wife, sitting a taxi at a time when it comes. My husband saw his father and wife led his daughter back, the surface was probably afraid The daughter was abandoned by her husband and rushed like that. I am a big voice: 'The day in the past father's daughter let me get married to ask for a decree. My parents went to the house, I wanted to get it to be my wife. So now I want to chase my daddy, you have to call your parents to come here to talk to my father, then I will pick it back. I will go back, he turned to tell me: 'And I'm happy Phuc, not respectingly loved by her husband, boldly married to her parents. When the parents also wide the door to welcome you back. There was something when I was determined to leave, I had to walk in my head, nothing had to fall, crying like that. Entering the clothes, waiting for her grandparents to go to, my father talked and we went back to '. He urged him to call his parents to talk to him but he did not dare, and stammered his briquette with his father. At that time, my father sat down gently raising 2 more than one. Since then, my husband doesn't have a touch of a little wife, the worse does not dare to call the foreigner as before. "He could not avoid the spouses to a chromosty. However, it was very contradictory or unhappy But scolding, insulting the enemy is a taboo. Because when self-respect is hurt, no matter what love, the warmth of 2 people can hardly hold.

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