Chau Tinh Trinh Announced The 17-year-old Beautiful Beauty, The People Still Find Loopholes

The Peazy side denies rumors of dating, also affirming 'Battle king' unfamiliar with Zhang Xuat Ky.00: 00/1: 47 namlien namlectrum to doubt the beauty of 17-year-old beauty On the United States, Sina had contacted the representative of the "Boot King" Hong Kong and received denial answers. The best way to date the 17-year-old beauty . "Chau Tinh Tri didn't know that girl. That day there was a large group of people together on the boat

. Two days before the outing, the active girl asked Chau Chau to surf, but he didn't respond because she didn't know. A group of people who went to the sea to play do not understand why to the newspaper again, "said the representative affirmed. However, this explanation is not satisfied with the online community
Many people point out, in the photos taken by Paparazzi, there are two people going together on the dock at night late after the end of the trip. Before, Hong Kong media simultaneously posted the director "American Merciful "and Zhangshin the United States go together. Accordingly, two people in the same group on the luxury yacht worth 100 million yuan (VND 352 billion). During that process, the elegant sat next to the 17-year-old beauty, and she played a surfing game, joking around with a sprayer, and helping her pouring wine ... Chau Tinh Trinh was revealed the image of the sea with Truong Ngan and The group of friends. In the case of revealing, the two met for the first time in the cruise on the yacht in June. Chau Tinh Tinh tri likes to understand the period right from the first glance, actively talk and please contact Lost news added, in the process of dating, the beauty asked the beauty to not take a picture of him or voice recording and had to clean up the Messaging History. The 59-year-old star arranged a tuning shuttle vehicle every time
It was known, Truong Ngu (UKEI) was born in 2004, each participating in the Miss Hong Kong 2021 contest but did not go far. She owns a lovely, sweet face, a slender body. When registering for the beauty exam, she revealed to become a famous model and actor. Strictly understanding the pretty and sweet appearance of Sina.

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