Chau Tinh Trinh Said Before The 17-year-old Female Dating Information

Chau Manager of Chau Tinh Tri said denied that he was dating. Previously, actor was rumored to have a love relationship with the 17-year-old Beauty Truong Ky.theo Sina, the representative of Chau Tinh Tri medium to deny the information male actor dating the 17-year-old girl . The rumor denies rumors of 17-year-old female dating. "Chau Tinh Tri completely unfamiliar with that girl

. Both met in a party with a lot of people. After a meal, they joined you Surfing sea. Two days ago, she was actively finding Mr
Chau to want to meet but he didn't respond. I don't know why there is information to spread like this ", Tran Tran Vu - Assistant of Chau Feedback. He also suggested that the Truong Loan in the period of mind clinging to the incident to cause attention. Before that, some Peaendary images with intimate action with the 17-year-old girl shared on social networks. Attached, the person who posted a photo affirmed that the Rice Activatum actively pursued a female student from June. The picture of Chau Chau Tinh Tri and Truong Ky was taken again taken. The 17-year-old girl once entrusted Miss Hong Kong but fell from the qualifiers. This person even pursued a girlfriend, Chau Tinh Trinh was especially sealed in the relationship. He instructed not to take a picture, shooting videos every time. Actor actively calls her through an application to avoid saving the message
The information is posted to attention to the online communication and communication community. Chau Tinh Trinh this year 59 years old, greater than a female student to 42 years old.Minh Tinh Chu An and La Hue Quyen - Two of the 4 Chinese girls who recognize emotions. Perfecting before the capital is very tight for life private, especially affectionate. The actor has experienced the love to the beauties of La Hue Quyen, Chu An, Mac Van Lieutenant, Vu Van Phuong. But they all end quickly. Over the past years, he does not open his girlfriend and does not appear with any woman outside. Born in 1962, dubbed the "comedy king", "King of the box office". In his career, he created an imprint with a series of guests such as Kungfu's Great Peak, Holy Lesson, Hypermarks, Shaolin's team, Quan Xuong Coc ... since 2008, actors are less exported Currently on the screen to focus on the role of the director. Besides the massive, Chau Tinh Tri career is also famous as the most sensitive enriched artist in entertainment. According to statistics 5 years ago, his assets were up to 300 million USD (more than VND 7000 billion) including: Real Estate, Entertainment Company, Restaurant Chain ... Chau Tinh Tri in 'Great Kungfu 'Thuy Ngoc

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