Cheap-beautiful-easy: How To Make Red Bean Powder Shower White Certainly On A Few Cardboard

Finished unused red beans do not cook tea anymore, sisters grilled to make powder to bathe cheaply but 'have martial arts'. Spacing do not get out of the sun, genuine white skin or white bathing at a beauty salon.0: 00/3: 07 The southwill is the most reasonable white bath? The answer is probably the fall. By stepping into this time frame, the weather is cool, not too dry like winter, easy to moisturize is not too harsh as summer, easy to catch the sun, dark skin. Just good, we are going to go to the fall when in mid-August and welcome big rainwinds

. The time to expand this way is even more reasonable when you can "hide" in the house and don't continue Exposure to outdoor sunshine should be able to rest assured white bath at home. The last day of the ceremony, many houses are probably reducing lots of red beans, if you are intending to cook tea to eat to eat .
. anti-esps, maybe stop right away. Eat the tea is both hot and fat, so that the skin is beautiful or more beautiful! The use of red bean powder is red bean beans containing antioxidants, iron, fiber, vitamins, e, b1, b6 ... This vitamin works to prevent the formation of free radicals in the body, helping the skin light, color and smoother stretch. When using red bean flour to bathe, you will notice that the pores se at a clear and reduce the risk of sun sun. If combining red beans with some other raw materials such as fresh milk, yogurt or lemon, it supports effective whitening. Red beans used to exfoliate, white bath is no stranger to many women. However, with many people who have never used beauty measures from nature, it is still a fairly strange way
White bath with red bean flour, your skin will have a natural pink whiteness, not type White disease, glowing like white bath with skin abrasive technology. White bath with red bean flour to make a long-standing dough, you should note to buy a red bean (big seed or baby particles are all) Has been cleaned. Or you can wash with water several times and then choose beautiful seeds, shadows, take a 1-day sun exposure to dry, crispy. Then bring a smooth blender (can use a grinder at home for sanitation). Pace of beans you can leave in a sealed bottle or nilon bag and then use it, the flour to get a long time Materials. Do material make a white bath mixture and how to make the material need only around in the family kitchen: pureed red bean flour, honey, fresh milk without sugar, lemon, ...- day 1: you mix All all raw materials: bean flour, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons of fresh milk, 1/2 lemon so that constitutes a mixture of peals and then applied to the skin, light massage and waiting for 20 minutes is possible Bath with water (do not use shower gel). After bathing, if not allergic or any strange phenomenon, you can continue bathing with red beans on the second day. Italy: If you use face, you just need to use 1 tablespoon of bean flour, Used for bathing for both people, 3-4 spoons are medium. Or depending on the preferences you can apply thick or thin.- Date 2: Implementation of the same day 1.Abody with a certain smooth softness that when applying the skin does not feel the feeling of red pink irritation skin like nuts Exfoliation of conventional dies. - Day 3: Sauna. Pouring fresh milk without sugar into the stone tray and then eating 5-6 branches of lemongrass and boiled in large water pot, adding white salt and small fire for 5 minutes Litrocholate all the essential oil. Oil in 10-15 minutes, should not rush too long because it will make the skin dehydrated. After getting rushed, you clean the face with cold water (note before storming and Facials need to be cleaned). Finished face, water drain, you take ice pellets with fresh milk, wrapped into a thin cloth and apply to the face to lighten the skin, shrink pores.- day 4: Pepperpowder White Fresh milk eggs Non-sugar stalled all raw materials and face 20 minutes to wash face skin. - June 5: break. The days then repeat the face of the face, skin care on the weekends within a few weeks, you will get unexpected results: Leather light up, smooth amazing. Some things to note This awake, you need to apply sunscreen daily (if you have to go out or the sun's work in the sun) combines makeup and nourishment because the skin lights up means it will catch the sun. After the skin lights up, reduce the amount of lemonade in the formula. Can put the mask mixture into the refrigerator 5-10 minutes before applying to cool beans. Yellow

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