Cheap Electric Cars Of Non-specialized Inventors

Not through the professional training course, only by passionate, Mr. Tran Van Tam (Ho Chi Minh City) has created a super power of energy-saving electric cars. Electricity "Made in Vietnam". Results from 5 years of study with the thought of "Westerners do, Vietnamese people can do," said Tran Van Tam (born in 1962) spent 5 years of self-study to successfully develop A electric car with many advantages. Mr

. Tam's invention does not only attract the attention of domestic communications, but also getting attention from foreign press. "Cars running by batteries and batteries, electronic parts are of electric cars , while other equipment is similar to gasoline cars. In the automobile structure consists of 2 previous bridges and the following bridges
Power supply for car is 60V and 1 lithium battery. Simple car charger similar to mobile phones, can charge anywhere with 220V power. The car is equipped with air conditioning, karaoke entertainment equipment ... ", Mr. Tam shared. Car drawing is also due to his own hand sketching the idea from the eagle bird image symbolizing the strong. After sketching, he used the car model cutting paper and brought them to mechanic to outsourcing the chassis with Ton, iron. The whole product is like Mr
Tam revealed to handmade. The car is designed with 4 seats but can carry 5 people, suitable for small families. When going in the city, the car can reach a speed of 50 km / h. This is the first trial version, so he designed in the street. When fully charged, the car was 160 km away. If the car runs out of battery, rechargeable within 10-12 hours. But according to Mr. Tam's recommendation, should not let the battery run out the battery to start charging. Because so the battery quality will not be guaranteed and not durable. Before finishing the product, Mr. Tam has experienced a lot of failure, sometimes discouraged to give up. However, with the desire to create an environmentally friendly product for Vietnamese people, he tried to improve. Mr. Tam expects, in the future if there is a manufacturing investor, it will produce a variety of advanced versions, traveling far away. Cheap electric cars, saving the model of cars due to the price of the patent 500 million VND. According to him, if commercialized by industrial chains, the value may be less than VND 250 million or even 200 million. According to calculations, cars run 100 km but only cost about 15,000 - 20,000 electric coins. The mind said, the idea of making electric cars launched in 2015 when he watched a newsletter on television saying some European countries are considering to gradually restrict gasoline, oil and instead of electric vehicles to protect the environment. "I came to the network to see in Vietnam without anyone built electric cars. I am determined that the foreigner they do, the Vietnamese can do it. So I shook hands, "- Mr. Tam said.Do didn't have a knowledge of automobile fabrication so the first thing he had to do was ... Imagine a car and follow what was imagined in his head To make it handy into reality. "First I bought the car seats about placing on the floor, estimating the distance so that, then came to the position of cakes, then calculated Length, height, width of the entire car. The electric motor I cannot do, you must use the electric bike engine and then manufacture the drive system, steering system. The chassis is visualized in the head and draws the paper then cut into a welding mound. I don't know how to do it, thanks to an engineer, telling them if I need this switch to the function ... then they do so ". After finishing, he added many utilities on the car. Cars have both air conditioning and karaoke systems connected to phones via Bluetooth. Power supply for air conditioning and karaoke is designed independently of the power source for the engine so it does not affect the vehicle's moving distance. In particular, the recharge department is designed to removable, only a 220V power supply is able to plug the wire and charge the car. The electric car is made by the electric car with two doors but does not open both sides like those The car is often found to be designed when opening up the upper upwards thanks to the hydraulic system. The location of this design is when closing the door does not occupy the area and safety for people and external vehicles. When closing, four hydraulic arms are neatly hidden in the slot on the hood. The mind said, if there are other versions, he will design additional electricity systems to open the door just press the button, Do not have to use hands. After completing the fabrication, Mr. Tam gave the car to the absent paths near the house to run and measure the specifications and the stability of the car.Theo Tam, the electric car head The hand that he built so far has been completed. If you have money, you will build other versions that can run the maximum speed according to the current regulations of 120 km / h with a distance of 300 km when filling with electricity and especially capable of wading on the roads Flooded up to half a meter. Mr. Tam has submitted an exclusive preservation of industrial designs for M cars

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