Check The Injecting Clinical Trial Of Phase 2 Vaccine Covivac In Thai Binh

On the afternoon of August 19, the Deputy Minister of Health Tran Van Thuan, the leader of the special working group on clinical trial research, Covid-19 Vaccine Development has to check the clinical trial (TNLS) Paragraph 2 vaccine Recruitment of Covid-19 Diseases new inactivation (Covivac) at Vu Thu District Health Center, Thai Binh Province.0: 00/4: 51 Southern regional and clinical trial Vaccine Covivac for volunteers in China Vu Thu district medical center (Thai Binh province). Photo: VNA Table at the meeting, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Thuan said: "I appreciate the results of phase 1 of the Vaccine Covivac achieved

. During the study of Phase 2, I suggest implementation units that need to strictly implement the process, techniques of vaccine clinical trials and closely monitor after injections for participating volunteers. With the close guidance of the Government, the Prime Minister, the successful research and production of the Covid-19 "Made in Vietnam" room is safe and effectively identified as an important scientific task Vietnam soon manages the vaccine and internationally recognized and used ". The research, development and production of vaccines in is one of the important strategies in Vietnam's disease prevention and control
From the early days of 2020, when Translation Covid-19 began to invade Vietnam, Party, State, government, the Ministry of Health actively met and encourage experienced scientists In the study, producing Vaccine Covid-19. According to that, Deputy Minister of Health believed, with the participation and guidance of leading scientists, domestic and international experts, the health sector Vietnam will achieve good results in the Covid-19 preventive vaccine research, to produce affordable, safe and efficient vaccines. "The authorities will continue to evaluate immediately, If the result is good, select the appropriate dose and confirm the initial immunity, will be immediately deployed in the phase 3. If good evaluation, December will have the initial results of the period 3. Vaccine proves High immunity, high immunity, initially shown effectively, can propose moral councils and licensing councils to consider and grant permits in emergency conditions. "- Deputy Minister Tran Van Th SHARE SHARE. The Vaccine COVIVAC testing project of the Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biology (IVAC) under the Ministry of Health was studied since May 2020, on the basis of cooperation with universities and hospitals. Research and international production organizations. In particular, the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Testing Unit), Hanoi Medical University (Experimental Deployment Unit). In Phase 2, Thai Binh Provincial Disease Control Center is a coordinated unit of implementation
August 3, the Ethics Council in the National Biomedical Research (National Academic Council) received a newspaper Fall in the first phase of the clinical trial of Vaccine Covivac, with the positive results of Phase 1 TNLS (beginning to deploy from March 3/2021) showed that the vaccine was safe and immunocompromised, Eligible for switching to the period of 2008 on August 7, the moral council in the national biomedical study has met through the study outline of Phase 2 Vaccine Covivac due to the Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biology under the Ministry of Health (IVAC) production. The goal of Phase 2 is to assess the formula and the dose of the Covivac vaccine is optimal for the next TNLS study period. Safety and immune response will also continue to be evaluated. The research group will deploy the first phase 2 after the result of mid-period phase 1. It is expected that in November will have midterm results of the period Paragraph 2 Clinical trials. There are nearly 700 volunteers registering to participate in phase 2 Vaccine Covivac, through which 400 qualified standards have been screened. In a total of 375 people volunteers Gia phase 2, there are 2 groups: male and female, age groups aged 18-59 and ≥ 60 years old. Continue to be divided into 3 groups, each group of 125 people (1: 1: 1); In which age ≥ 60 years old accounts for a third rate. Each group is divided into 2 different doses: 3mcg dose, 6mcg dose of Vaccine Covivac and Astrazeneca vaccine (AZD1222). In 2 days 18-19 / 8, at Vu Thu District Health Center, Thai Binh Province deployed doses 1 for 131 volunteers. GS.TS. Dang Duc Anh, Director of the Central Institute of Epidemiology, said: "The results of the Phase 1 study show that all doses in phase 1 are safe and we have chosen 2 doses to transfer In phase 2. Phase 2 is very important to choose the most appropriate dose, there is enough powerful and safe immune response, to conduct testing in stage 3 ". A advantage of Vaccine Covivac is Produced by embryonic egg egg technology, this is a technology that produces traditional flu vaccines that are widely used. This means that Vietnam has enough capacity to produce large-scale vaccines with reasonable prices for prevention of pandemic. Covid-19 Vaccine supplementation is produced by embroiled chicken egg technology.

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